The World’s Most Expensive Bongs

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Most cannabis smoking enthusiasts have glass bongs at affordable prices like under $100, and they work fine. However, some other bong enthusiasts really care about the quality of glass pieces. There is something about bongs that makes your whole smoking experience feel different and exciting. Every smoker who uses a water pipe will go on and on about their loyalty to that product. While there are some pieces that go for as little as $100, there are glass bongs that cost ten times that for different reasons. When you have a bong that costs you $1000, it is unlikely that you are going to let anyone use it who is not you. You protect it like your baby. Today, there are some pieces that come at ridiculous and crazy prices. They include:

‘The Throne’ Bubbler

This masterpiece bong is a creation of the collaboration by Clinton Roman, Scott Deppe, Darby Holm, and Banjo. The glass art is considered to be one of the most iconic functional glass pieces in the entire cannabis industry. Some of its features include:

  • It is two feet tall
  • It is has a skull design at the mouthpiece
  • It is designed on a lattice of bones

Since its construction in 2010, there have been other similar designs, but ‘The Throne’ remains to be the only one of its kind.

The Scott Deppe and Sagan Collaboration for Mothership Glass

Love the moon? Then this glass bong is just for you as it incorporates the different stages of the moon cycle. If you don’t want to smoke with it, you can simply use it to start your own glass museum at your home. But at the price of a whopping $101,000, you better make good use of it.

The $100,000 Gold Encrusted Skull Bong

The gold-encrusted skull bong designed by Scott Deppe costs a whopping $100,000. Scott takes the glass pipe engineering to a whole new level with this bong. The art in itself is breathtaking. The gold plating just does the trick.

You’d probably think about getting a two bedroomed apartment for the same price, but you would be missing out on having your very own artifact that is worth raiding a tomb for.

Roor Skull Gun

The Roor Skull Gun is worth $90,000. Though Roor has been manufacturing pieces for common smokers since time immemorial, this bong is not your average toker. The gun design is unique and interesting. It gives you the feeling of the shooting of some bad guys. It is worth every dime.

The ‘Double Rainbow’ Bubbler and Hand Pipe

This set is a collaboration by Adam G., Darby, Buck, 2BA and Eusheen. The designers say that they were inspired by the viral video ‘double rainbow’ to create a bong that is not your ordinary toker. This bong has two pipes that are combined together. The top is made of a stemless bubbler with a dry side. For all these features, you only have to part with $33,000.

Pirate Ship Bubbler

This bong for sale costs $30,000. Are you a ‘pirates of the Caribbean fan?’ if you are, then this piece is just for you. It gives you the idea that you are a sea captain whether you are interested or not. The ship design is a masterpiece and if you love art then you will not mind parting off with a couple of thousands of bucks.

Iluzion Glass Galleries 2017 Vapor Bubbler

This bong is a result of the collaboration between the world’s finest glass artists, AKM, Cowboy, and Darby. The glass art is an annual 420 party piece and provides you with the results you hope to achieve. At a height of 11’’, the bong brings out the best features of every artist to the fullest. This is for sale at $30,000. It is one worthwhile bong!

The Take Me 2 The Mothership Bong

Designed by Scott Deppe, Take Me 2 the Mothership bong is literally an out of this world design. Looking at it, you are bound to wonder at how an individual could come up with such a design. It will cost you $20,000 to get the Take Me 2 the Mothership bong and it will all be worth it. Besides giving you the best smoking experiences, this piece is an artifact of its own kind. You can just stare at it all day as you admire the intricate features that Scott designed for the bong.

The Grateful 4 Mushrooms

This is another design by the genius glass artist, Scott Deppe. Scott is known for producing amazing glass bongs and this is yet another extraordinary work he has done. One unique feature of the Grateful 4 Mushrooms is how it uses color. The glass art is simply pleasing to look at. This piece sells at $14,000.

Burtoni & Euphoria Hybrid

Referred to as the ‘Squid Chopper’, this glass bong lives out its name. It has a squid design and overall brings out some sort of sci-fi nightmare vibe yet it is quite a beauty. Among the expensive pieces for sale in the world, the ‘Squid Chopper’ can be considered as a cheaper alternative costing $7000. It still sounds like a lot but as every artist will tell you, there is never a price tag on art.

Elbo and Slinger Glass Collaboration

Designed as a cute little dinosaur, the bong comes with a white and red argyle pattern costs. It is unique in its own right and a great addition to your collection of high-end glass bongs.

ME Glass X Blitzkriega

The bong is designed as a balloon giraffe with the height and the color depicting everything about the giraffe. If you are an animal lover, then the giraffe bong is going to work well for you. You will not only enjoy smoking but also the artistic features of this piece. ME Glass X Blitzkriega costs only $5,000.

Glass bongs for sale came at various prices. There are definitely those that cost less than $100 and then there are other bongs for those who want a bong that is not just functional but is also a work of art. Well, if you can afford any of these, why not?

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