Verified CBD Oil 500mg CBD, 1oz, Natural Flavor

By January 9, 2019CBD Product Review

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The oil has the following very key benefits:

  1. In every 500+mg cannabinoids, you get 10mg of cannabinoids per serving
  2. For those who react to THC, worry not, there are zero levels of THC
  3. The oil can be used for vaping
  4. It is purely organic and is GMO-free
  5. It is 100% oil from the USA
  6. The Hemp extract has Terpenes, Phenols, Flavonoids, CBN and CBG that works to bring about the Entourage effect
  7. Produced using organic hemp purely cultivated in the USA
  8. High levels of CO2 used in extraction helps provide the best quality of hemp oil

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Phytocannabinoid Hemp Oil, Hemp (seed) oil.

Elisa Roberts,

September 7th,2017

I would highly recommend this oil to other people. This is because, in the few months that I have been using it, it has helped me to effectively battle my PTSD.I no longer have the nightmares that I used to have and I am now sleeping well. Taking it gives me an immediate feeling of wellness especially if taken through the sublingual. I do not experience headaches and stomach issues anymore.

John H.

December 4th 2017

Thank you for the oil, it has helped in relieving my back pain and I no longer feel nauseated as I used to. I would recommend it to those who are experiencing pain that does not fade away.It makes my days better and more productive.

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