How Vaping Changed My Life

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Quitting smoking is often seen as one of the hardest things to do, and boy was that ever true for me

My life is a lot different than it could have been. These days I personally use a vaporizer, but it took a long and tumultuous journey for me to reach this point. I grew up never really learning about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, and as a result, I took to the habit like a fish to water in my early teen years. At first, it was just a way for me to calm myself down while trying to fit in with more popular groups of people. But it didn’t take long until it turned into a full-blown habit, with me stealing money out of my mother’s purse to buy loose cigarettes from the corner store. Lots of things changed as I got older, but one thing that stayed consistent was the monkey on my back whenever I was unable to get some smokes.


Perspective Switch

As an adult, I didn’t think much about my smoking habit until a few big events in my life changed my perspective. First of all, I became a parent, which made me take an in-depth stock of what was important in my life. This was the first thing that got me thinking about making a change, but it’s much easier said than done, so I inevitably continued to smoke. After a few years, the next event forming my drive to quit smoking happened, the death of my father. My father was a lifelong smoker, for as long as anyone can remember, dad always had a cigarette or cigar in his hand. Ironically, he had actually quit smoking about a year before he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. By the time we found out, everything had snowballed out of control, and it was only a little over a month later that he passed.

While that also had a serious impact on my understanding of smoking, it still wasn’t enough to convince myself that I needed to quit once and for all. That realization came when I had a health scare of my own not much more than a year after my father passed. During a routine checkup, the doctors saw something on a chest x-ray, the same way it started with my dad and ordered further tests. Thankfully, the results were negative, but I was finally resolved to end my dependence on smoking for good.


Vaping Was The Key

After I decided to take quitting seriously, I invested in every type of smoking cessation aid and the program suggested by my doctor. This ranged from a very unsuccessful round of nicotine patches, to even less effective nicotine gum. After these initial failures, my doctor decided to prescribe Chantix as well as suggesting I attend a support group for those struggling to quit smoking. While I didn’t have much success with the prescription drug, I did meet several vapers at my smoking cessation group.

These are the people who I thank for finally getting me off cigarettes. After hearing from many of them just how instrumental vaping had been in their ability to finally quit, I decided that it was well worth the shot. One of my new friends offered to lend me an extra pen and some e-liquid they had. While I can’t speak for everyone, I also can not understate how smooth the transition was for me personally. From the first time I tried the vaporizer, it just felt right. After only a few days of using it, I was unable to stand the smell of cigarette smoke anymore. I soon went with my friend to a local vape shop and got my own setup, and the rest was history.


Life With Vaping

I genuinely don’t know if I’d ever have been able to quit smoking if it not for vaping. After all, I’ve been through, I still found it nearly impossible to quit smoking with any of the commonly sanctioned methods. It’s now been over three years since I’ve touched any tobacco product and I couldn’t be happier. I’m breathing better than I have since high school, which has only improved the way I feel overall. My wife and kid are both glad that they don’t have to worry as much about dad, and I’m happy that smoking won’t stop me from being there for them.

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