Top Ten Most Asked Questions About CBD

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CBD products and brands in the United States have gone from a small and almost unknown industry to the headlines of national newspapers in the last decade. Cannabidiol has been legalised in the entire country, and more people are becoming interested in its benefits every day.

Whether you have heard of cannabidiol´s effectiveness from the media or a friend, you might want to learn more about it before deciding to buy your own CBD product. As first-time consumers commonly ask the following questions, we believe that answering them can help many people understand cannabidiol better.

1) Is Cannabidiol Legal

Because of the similarity between the words “cannabis” and “cannabidiol”, the first reaction of many people who hear about CBD for the first time is to wonder about its legal status. In the United States and many other countries around the world, cannabidiol products can be legally manufactured, sold and consumed if they comply with some specific requirements.

The main criterion that most countries use to determine the legality of CBD products is their concentration of THC. Unlike cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance that is naturally present in hemp plants. To be considered legal, cannabidiol products must contain only trace amounts of THC. In the United States, the threshold is 0.3%, while some European countries have a stricter approach and even lower limits.

2) Will CBD Make Me High?

This question is closely related to the previous one, addressing a common concern among first-time CBD users. Cannabidiol does not cause any psychoactive effects, and therefore it is impossible to feel “high” as a result of either its occasional or regular consumption.

It is essential to understand that the hemp plant contains several different substances, some of which have psychoactive effects. Most of these components, however, are not psychoactive and instead have a wide range of health benefits.

3) How are CBD Products Made?

The first step to manufacture any CBD product is extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plants. This is done using different extraction methods; the most popular one -known as Supercritical CO2 extraction- involves pressure chambers and carbon dioxide. Once extracted, cannabidiol is a naturally fatty substance that can be mixed with carrier oils for the production or sublingual tinctures or used to infuse edibles or topicals.

While most companies nowadays use the Supercritical CO2 extraction mechanism, others rely on cheaper but less effective techniques which use butane, alcohol and other solvents to isolate cannabidiol from the physical components of the hemp plant.

4) Which is the Best Way to Consume CBD?

Although the answer to this question can vary greatly depending on your condition, sublingual administration is commonly recognized as the most effective way to consume cannabidiol. Placing a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue allows the substance to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD edibles, on the other hand, are less recommended because cannabidiol must travel throughout the entire digestive system, losing many of its beneficial properties on the way.

On the other hand, CBD-infused topicals can be the best option for patients suffering from localized pain or inflammation, as they can provide fast relief to a specific part of the body.

5) Which Conditions Can Be Improved With Cannabidiol?

The number of disorders and conditions that can see a significant improvement with the regular consumption of cannabidiol include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Pains and Sore Muscles
  • Nausea
  • Obesity
  • Seizures

You can think of cannabidiol as an aid in providing balance to your body’s overall health. Thousands of patients from all around the world have seen significant improvements in thousands of different conditions.

6) How Does CBD Work In the Body?

After being absorbed into the bloodstream, cannabidiol begins interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This is a series of cannabinoid receptors that can be found throughout the entire body and are responsible for many of its most crucial functions.

Cannabidiol can activate these receptors, which in turn signal several neurotransmitters in the brain. In the case of inflammation, for instance, CBD can reduce specific signals of the brain and therefore lead to a significant improvement in any inflammatory conditions.

7) Why Are There CBD Products for Pets?

Just as humans, dogs, cats and other mammals have endocannabinoid systems which can fall out of balance and result in different symptoms. Pets can also experience anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain, and their conditions can be improved with the help of high-quality cannabidiol products.

In the United States and other countries, there is a growing market of CBD-infused pet treats which contain the benefits of cannabidiol in tasty snacks for dogs and cats.

8) Does Cannabidiol Cause any Secondary Effects?

Unlike many pharmaceutical remedies, CBD does not cause any severe secondary effects, and it is merely impossible to overdose on cannabidiol. First-time consumers might experience a slight feeling of drowsiness, diarrhoea or a dry mouth, which usually wear off in a couple of days.

9) What is the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD and Isolate?

As explained before, the hemp plant contains several beneficial components, being CBD only one of them. On the one hand, full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain cannabidiol and other useful terpenes and cannabinoids such as cannabigerol or cannabinol which can provide an excellent overall therapeutic experience but may also contain small amounts of the psychoactive THC.

On the other hand, CBD isolates contain only cannabidiol and are extracted in a way that ensures that THC levels remain at minimal levels.

10) Will I Fail a Drug Test if I Consume CBD?

The answer is no. It is impossible for cannabidiol to show up in any drug test, as it is not a psychoactive substance. However, many CBD products in the market contain relatively large amounts of THC, which can certainly show up on a drug test.

If you are required to take a drug test and want to enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabidiol, it is recommended to choose CBD isolates over full-spectrum products and to always look for tinctures that are THC-free.

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