Top Dog CBD Unflavored Vape Liquid (300mg to 2000mg)

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Made from 99.05% pure CBD crystalline isolate, Top Dog CBD’s Unflavored Vape Liquid is the perfect product to mix with your favorite vape oils and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. CBD vapes are considered one the most effective ways to consume cannabidiol, as their natural components can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, giving an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. With this product, you can choose between two sizes and four different CBD concentrations according to your specific needs.

Top Dog CBD has the mission of providing its customers with high quality products at affordable prices. All their tinctures are made from organic Sativa plants grown in the state of Arizona and extracted using a clean supercritical CO2 method. As they do not contain any traces of THC, their sale and consumption is legal across the entire country without any risks of psychoactive or secondary effects.

CBD Product

Top Dog CBD Unflavored Vape Liquid – 15ml

300mg ($24.99)

500mg ($34.99)

1000mg ($54.99)

2000mg ($84.99)

Top Dog CBD Unflavored Vape Liquid – 30ml

300mg ($44.99)

500mg ($54.99)

1000mg ($84.99)

2000mg ($144.99)

Taste and Scent

As the title indicates, this CBD vape liquid is completely tasteless, which makes it ideal to be mixed with your favorite flavors and essential oils.


99% Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate, Usp-Kosher Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Usp-Kosher Food Grade Propylene Glycol.


Any THC in this Product

All Top Dog CBD products are completely free of THC and therefore do not cause any psychoactive effects.


These vape liquids come in small 15ml or 30ml bottles with screw on droppers for an easier administration and dosage.

Origin of CBD

Premium CBD from Sativa hemp plants grown in Arizona.

How to Use

This CBD oil can be mixed with your favorite e-liquid and used in any vape device. There are no special settings or wattage requirements. Furthermore, it can also be used as a sublingual tincture; simply place a few drops under the tongue and wait a minute before swallowing the rest.


All Top Dog CBD products are sent by USPS Priority Mail, allowing customers to keep track of their package along the way. Orders are generally received within 3 to 5 business days.

Returns Policy

Top Dog CBD has a 30-day return policy during which unused products can be eligible for refund or exchange if sent back in the original package. Only regular priced items are eligible for refunds, and the company replaces any item which arrives defective or damaged.


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Value for the money

With prices ranging between $25 and $145, Top Dog CBD’s vape liquids are a great option for all budgets. Whether you are a beginner or a regular cannabidiol consumer, there is a size and concentration that suits your needs.

CBD Extraction Process

All Top Dog CBD products are extracted using a supercritical CO2 method which maintains the properties of hemp intact and does not use any chemicals, heat or artificial ingredients.


Made with the purest CBD extract from organic Sativa plants, Top Dog’s Unflavored CBD Vape Oil is a versatile way to take in the beneficial components of cannabidiol. Whether you decide to vape it or take it as a sublingual tincture, this product will make you feel calm and relaxed within minutes. As it contains no artificial flavorings, you can mix the e-liquid with your favorite essential oils to enhance its taste without affecting its effectiveness.

This Arizona-based company has the mission of providing premium hemp products to their consumers. All their extracts are made from the highest grade Sativa plants, and extracted using an advanced supercritical CO2 method. Furthermore, each batch is subject to third-party laboratory tests which can be consulted by customers anytime. As they contain 0% THC, the sale and consumption of Top Dog CBD products is completely legal across all 50 states of the U.S.





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