Top Cannabis Growing Tips

By March 12, 2019Blog
Cannabis Growing Tips

Growing cannabis is not that easy. Actually, it is not easy at all. It is a time-consuming process, and you need to be careful every step of the way. For this reason, it’s best that you do everything as correctly as possible in order to succeed and maximize the results.

Get the right cannabis seeds

Genetics plays a huge role in the product you get and the quality of your plants will be determined even before you plant the cannabis seeds. Cannabis seed selection is of utmost importance and it heavily influences the plant quality. As a grower, you probably have your preference when it comes to cannabis strain.

You might be looking for a medicinal strain, or a powerful Sativa high. For medicinal strains, you will need plants with high concentrations of CBD. Consider your growing environment as well before you choose the right cannabis seeds.

Use seeds instead of clones

One of the major considerations growers have to make is whether to grow cannabis using seeds or clones. Clones do come with certain advantages, but they are very risky compared to seeds. When it comes to clones, you will get an exact copy of the mother plant and genetics that carry over tend to have certain weaknesses or diseases the mother plant had. If you are going to use clones, ensure you know the history of the mother plant. If not, you might want to avoid clones entirely.

Choose to plant feminized seeds

Only female cannabis plants are useful, do it is imperative that you purchase feminized seeds before you start planting. Feminized seeds will have zero male chromosomes, meaning that all the plants will be female. All-female plants are smokeable.

When you choose feminized seeds from the word go, you will save yourself the trouble of identifying the male from female flowers, which can be very hard. The problem with male cannabis flowers is that they release pollen and start pollinating the female flowers. Instead of producing large buds that you need, the females will start creating seeds, resulting in seedy marijuana. You don’t need this.

Have quality soil

To maintain strong cannabis plants, you need to have the right nutrients and calories. If you want them to grow robust and vibrant, you need to have the right nutrients in your soil. If you use the basic regular soil, your plants will be deficient in certain nutrients. These deficiencies are bound to cause slow growth or reduce the quality of your cannabis. You need quality organic soil to ensure that your plants get maximum soil nutrients.

Using fertilizers and boosters

With a quality organic soil, you should be able to avoid using fertilizers or other supplements to your plants. However, when the soil is depleted, the plants will suffer. You can use these supplements if necessary. However, you need to use them correctly because they could harm your plants.

Expose the plants to light

Plants need light for photosynthesis and energy that allows them to grow and thrive. This is very easy to understand why your plants will need plenty of light, right? Now, not all light sources will be the same. With the wrong kind of light, your plants will wilt and die. If you are growing your cannabis indoors, you need to have powerful glow lights that will produce enough light. Strong bright lights will give you impeccable results.

Airflow and ventilation

Airflow is just as important as light, and it will affect the overall outcome of the plants. It will not only help to maintain the right air quality but also reduce any chances of mold growth. You can use fans when growing the plants indoors for a constant supply.




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