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top vaporizer reviews

Before you set out to purchase your favorite vaporizer, you first need to carry out some research. Today we are taking a look at the vaporizer reviews of three different must-have vape pens.

The Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci is legendary for its Davinci series of vaporizers. Starting with the production of the Davinci Vaporizer in 2013, a year later, they released the ‘Ascent’ vaporizer, which was in a class of its own. The latest of Davinci is yet another classy vaporizer, the Davinci IQ. Here is all you need to know about the IQ vaporizer.

Features and characteristics


I can attest from my first experience that the vaporizer comes with many unique features, one of which is a replaceable 18650 lithium battery. The battery is also rechargeable using a USB cable, which is part of the package.

Size and structure

If you think you can phantom the small size of this vaporizer, then you are in for a surprise! It is super tiny, and several of them can fit into your two cupped palms. The small size makes Davinci IQ easily portable as it can fit almost anywhere a feature which you will not see in other vaporizer reviews.

You might be wondering how risky it will be to use such a tiny device that can slip off your hands any time, well Davinci must have thought of that during the manufacture of the product. Firstly, the vaporizer weighs generally heavy for its size with 145 grams; hence it is comfortable to hold. Secondly, it’s the casing of zirconia ceramic makes it very easy to grip and nonslippery.

Most people do not prefer lightweight devices as it shows how manufacturers used fewer materials for their production, making them cheap and fragile. For Davinci IQ, it is stable and weighs just right.



Well, the Davinci IQ comes in a box containing a vaporizer and its components, a t-shirt, a carrying case, and a glass jar, both baring the Davinci Brand, which is just mind-blowing.

The vaporizer package contains the Davinci IQ, a replaceable and rechargeable battery, a zirconia flavor chamber, a couple of mouthpieces, and a USB charger.

Let’s start with the Zirconia Mouthpieces as we feast downwards. So the package contains two mouthpieces crafted from a ceramic zirconia. The pieces are easy to clean and maintain. They also give your vape that seventh heaven flavor.

One of the mouthpieces is the recessed mouthpiece, which is excellent for outdoor vape sessions when you have to keep your vaporizer in the pocket as it is possible to completely cover your device in your palm and avoid drawing unnecessary attention. The raised mouthpiece is convenient when you are freely vaping in the comfort of your home or in private.

Flavor Chamber

The flavor chamber is Davinci’s invention, although it is not as good as it sounds. Well, when the herbs in the chamber are heated, the heat reaches the flavor chamber making it release the flavor, which combines with the vapor before exiting through the mouthpiece. The downvote is that the flavor chamber condenses some of the steam, which drops back into the heating chamber, dampening your herb.


Davinci IQ produces relatively good vapor, of all the vaporizers I have used, I would say that Davinci’s vapor is the best. The thick haze is enhanced by the use of your favorite flavor in the flavor chamber. The zirconia ceramic chamber ensures that the vapor remains pure without impurities from the heating process.

The heat is supplied by a great heating chamber that does not easily get overworked. The efficient heating guarantees a thorough burn of your herbs with quality vapor output without the need to stir the contents halfway through the session.


Another super feature is the wide temperature range. The temperature ranges from 250F to 430F. It adjusts itself quickly according to your favorite settings to reach the optimum level. To select your optimum temperature, chose one of the heating paths, and customize it to your liking. You can as well pick your temperature without applying the IQ smart paths. The boost heating mode increases the temperature of your oven to the maximum.

What are the IQ smart paths? Well, the IQ comes with already pre-installed programs which enable the devices to heat from a certain temperature level before adjusting gradually. These programs are customizable to suit the user’s preferences.

Different temperature levels produce different vapor quantities something which is also influenced by the type of herb you are using. Therefore, it is advisable to customize the device to your ideal temperature that suits the strain of herb in the oven.

Temperature Modes

Precision temperature mode

This mode allows the user to select his optimum temperature, which will remain unaltered throughout the vaping session. This mode is activated by pressing the top button then using the +/- buttons to adjust the temperature. Note that this temperature can be changed at any time during the session.

Boost Mode

The boost mode is activated while in the vaping session by pressing the bottom button continually. This will increase the temperature gradually, which drops back to the original temperature on releasing the button.

The vaporizer powers itself off after 10 minutes of use.

Davinci IQ App

For a complete Davinci experience, it is advisable to download the Davinci app. It should be noted that the device can function adequately without the use of the app, which is just but an additional customization option.

Most vaping apps can be obnoxious and irrelevant, but with Davinci IQ app, the game is changed. The app enables you to work on the available smart paths and customize them; note without the app, you cannot customize the smart-path sessions.

Loading, cleaning, and maintenance

For optimum results, it’s advisable to pack the oven tightly. The texture of your ground herb determines the thickness of the clouds produces as well as the ease of drawing the vapor. Fine powder produces more vapors and requires more energy to draw and vice versa.

It is also very advisable to use IQ glass spacers, which reduce the volume of the oven, requiring fewer herbs but still produce satisfying clouds.

Cleaning the IQ is pretty simple due to its small size. After each use, empty the chamber by blowing out the residue. Use Isopropyl to clean the flavor chamber and the mouthpieces as often as possible.

In conclusion, I find the IQ to be one of the best vaporizers available in the market. If you are looking for something durable and worth your dollar, the Davinci IQ is the way to go for you.

The Pax 3 Vaporizer

Unlike other vaporizer reviews, I am going to lay down my personal opinion after using Pax 3 for some time. Pax 3 is a portable conductive vaporizer by Pax labs. It is used for both dry herbs and concentrates. Its average size makes it easy to pocket and portable an ideal feature for hiking, bike riding or skiing. It ranks high regarding portability, durability and battery functioning.


The new Pax 3 features a bunch of new internal changes, which includes quick heating uptime (15 to 20 seconds), adjustable temperature spectrum, and can be operated via Bluetooth and the Pax 3 mobile app, an upgraded battery as well as a newly designed concentrate lead. The dimensions are the same as Pax 2’s except for the outer shell, which is made of brass aluminum and the extra 3-gram weight.

What’s new?

Pax 3 is small in size, making it’s easy to carry around and can fit into your palms. The polish finish on the outer shell gives it a classy appearance and feels great to hold. The casing is durable and can withstand drops and scratches.

The vaporizer has its chamber, and the chamber inserts located at the bottom, the mouthpiece at the topmost side, and the power button located just under the mouthpiece. Inside the Pax 3 package are the cleaning tools, three-chamber screens, a concentrate insert, a half-pack and a full-pack chamber inserts, two mouthpieces, a micro USB cable, a keychain, and ring as well as the Pax vapor smartphone app.


The exact dimensions of the Pax 3 are 3.87 inches high, 1.2 inches wide, and 0.85 inches broad. It weighs 13 grams compared to the Firefly vaporizer, which weighs 140 grams and the Davinci IQ, which weighs 145 grams.


Pax 3 comes with two different mouthpieces, a raised mouthpiece, and a flat one. The flat mouthpiece is easy to conceal and produces slightly cooler and soft vapors compared to the raised mouthpiece. It is easy to remove and replace the mouthpieces on the vaporizer. Just grip off the groove of the flat mouthpiece using your fingernail and lift it off or push one sideways to dislodge the raised mouthpiece.

Chamber lids

The original chamber lid is the full-pack, which is ideal when you want to pack a full bowl and break it down into multiple sessions, although this will lower the efficiency of the vaporizer. The half-pack lid is good for solo vape sessions and gives up to 15 sessions and is super-efficient with smaller sessions. Last on the lid list is the new concentrate lid, which is a canister attached to a lid preventing discharge of materials when the vaporizer is held upside down.

Half-pack lid allows up to 1.5 grams of herb while the full-back gives room for about 3 grams of herb inside the chamber.

How to load

Finely ground herb produces thick vapor but increases the draw resistance and makes the cleaning process very hard. I will recommend you to use averagely ground herb for the half-pack lid. If you are vaping alone, do not use the full-pack lid as the material will be too much for one person, and you will end up losing your herb. Find the best weed grinder.

To load the materials, open the canister, and insert the material while avoiding the airways. It takes time to heat up, unlike the e-nail. I will recommend temperature 4 for concentrate vaping.


Pax three comes with a rechargeable, non-replaceable 18650 sized, and 3500mA battery, which is an upgrade from 3000 mA battery in Pax 2. When fully charged, Pax 3 battery can go for as long as 100 minutes of continuous use, and it takes the same time to recharge it. Four solid petals indicate that the battery is fully charged, while three red blinks suggest that the vaporizer requires charging. A fully charged battery will last you more than five sessions allowing you to vape throughout the day.

Cleaning and maintenance

I find it very easy to clean the Pax 3. You will have to brush out the residue from the chamber as soon as you are finished to avoid the decay of the herb inside the chamber. Cleaning is much easier for single session vapers as oil does not build up inside the chamber.

It is also recommendable to remove the screen after roughly ten sessions and clean it in ISO. Soak the q-tip in some ISO and use it to clean the chamber insert and around the mouthpiece. The screen might need some scrubbing, but this is at your digression, or if it looks awful, then it is advisable to swap it with a new one. Run some ISO through the vapor path using the pipe cleaner and leave it to dry before the next session.

Vape session

My ideal vape session starts with 0.3 grams of herb with at least 25 draws for more than 20 minutes, which is suitable for more than one vaper. I usually start at 250 degrees and work my way up, but this depends on your preference. The Pax 3 goes on standby mode when not drawing from it, a feature that helps cool the device, save power and herb.

The draw resistance is low in Pax 3, but it depends mostly on the texture of the herb. The half-pack also gives an easier draw compared to the full-pack. It is simple to pass around without interrupting the vaping process around friends as you can use water bubblers and different water pipe adapters.

Pros and Cons of the Pax 3


  • Very durable with a stable design and build
  • An excellent battery system
  • Very discreet
  • 10- year warranty from Pax Labs
  • Short time pre-heat
  • Precise temperature control


  • Huge draw resistance
  • The app needed for temperature customization
  • Uses food grain mouthpiece
  • Comes with precise temperature
  • Weak magnet to hold the charger on the charger dock.

Pax 3 is, however, an ideal vaporizer for your outdoor vaping sessions as you enjoy a good time with friends. Its options for concentrate and herb vaporization as well as a quick heating time makes it’s a must-own device.

Kandypen Feather Vaporizer

Like other vaporizer reviews, I will give you a breakdown of features, functionality and pros and cons of Kandypen vaporizers. The Feather is KandyPens’s yet another extraordinary product better than its counterpart the Rubi as well as other KandyPens. It is specifically designed for nicotine salts and delivers smooth and pure nicotine filled vapors. Unlike its cousin the Rubi, Feather is made of a small 2-millimeter tank just below the mouthpiece. The device itself has a dimension of 8-millimeter-wide and 88 millimeters high. Feather’s battery has a 380 mAh capacity and an output of 15W.

The following are some great features on KandyPens Feather:

  • Ana activated draw
  • Has a 0.8-ohm coil
  • A black rubber finishes
  • LED indicator lights
  • A USB cable charging
  • life-long warranty

The following components come with Feather’s box:

  • 1 KandyPens Feather
  • One 2ml refillable tank
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • One instruction manual
  • Using a KandyPens feather,

Before use, charge the device to full power (until all of the LED lights have a slid light). Charging takes approximately one hour. Fill the tank with the juice gently and carefully as it has a small hole. You must exercise caution when removing and be replacing the rubber stopper before filling the tank.

It is advisable to let your Feather’s coil to soak in the juice for about 15 minutes before inserting it back on to the device. This will make the coils saturate with the juice hence better vapor production. You should also endeavor to prime your coil at least once before use; this is advisable for all open system pod mods.

Impressive features

If you are a fan of pod mods, then KandyPens feather should be one of your darlings. It is very user-friendly, classy with decorated cover, and its miniature size is just something from a different world. Thanks to open pod systems we now have a marijuana vaporizer which practically disappears into our palms, how awesome! The feather is also compatible with any other type of nicotine juice.

Although the small size might appear to expose it to the risk of dropping, it has a rubber surface to counter that. The rubber also protects the user from the battery heat, allowing you to vape comfortably.

The Feather has two primary parts, the tank, and the battery. The tank contains five LED lights, which indicates the battery level and has no buttons-something uncommon for a vaporizer; it is made from a semi-transparent plastic, which enables you to see the contents inside.

Even though Feather’s mouthpiece is a tiny opening above the tank, it is big enough to give powerful vapor hits directly to the lungs!

The choice of rubber for battery coating is just magnificent. It gives the battery a great touch, and the KandyPens logo, as well as Feather logo imprint on either side, finishes it up. The rubber also protects you from the heat.

The USB charging port is located beneath the LED light indicators, which is easy to find the location even in darkness.

The pod system is making a breakthrough at a very quick pace with products like the kandyPens feather. These revolutionary products allow its customers to have access to quality vapes. Grab yourself one today and don’t get left behind

Above are my top three favorite vape pens, and I thought that I should write vaporizer reviews for you. Enjoy vaping!

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