Sera Labs CBD Capsules (300mg CBD) Review

By October 12, 2017CBD Product Review

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Sera Labs´ CBD Capsules are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the wide range of benefits from cannabidiol without any aftertaste or the mess of refillable vaping devices. Each capsule contains 10 milligrams of pure CBD, making it easy to calculate the right amount every time. They come in a small and discreet plastic jar, you can take them wherever you go and never forget your daily dose of cannabidiol.

These CBD capsules are absorbed throughout the digestive system, with the components of cannabidiol being then sent through the bloodstream to every part of your body. CBD naturally balances the endocannabinoid system, and helps with relieving anxiety and providing a feeling of overall health, well-being and relaxation.

CBD Product

Sera Labs CBD Capsules

1 x 300mg ($69.95)

3 x 300mg ($139.95)

5 x 300mg ($209.95)

Taste and Scent

This CBD capsules are completely tasteless. No scent.


THC-Free Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD), gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica.

Any THC in this Product

These CBD capsules do not contain any traces of THC.


Sera Labs’ CBD Capsules come in a 30-count plastic jars, with clearly-printed labels containing a list of ingredients and additional product information.

Origin of CBD

100% Organic Hemp grown in the United States.

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules orally each day or as instructed by your medical provider. Begin with 1 capsule to start and adjust accordingly after 1-2 weeks.


Sera Labs offers free shipping on all orders above $100.

Orders placed Monday – Thursday after 2:00pm EST will be shipped within 2-3 days. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will be processed on the following Monday. Customers are encouraged to place an order when half of their CBD is gone. This will prevent shipping delays and ensures you are not out of CBD.

Typical shipping times may vary from 7-10 business days (Monday to Friday) after processing times. *AK/HI additional time/shipping cost. This does not include any potential for inclement weather, holidays, or world disasters, which can cause delayed delivery.

Sera Labs is not responsible for lost, held, damaged, or stolen packages. Nor are they responsible for customer error due to incorrect shipping address information.

Returns Policy

All return product must be packed carefully; broken or damaged product cannot be refunded.

Sera Labs’ return policy requires any claim for damaged products to be made within 72 hours of their reception. Customers who are not satisfied with the company’s products can request a refund of the purchase price excluding any used portion and shipping charges.

All product returns will incur a re-stocking fee of $5.95 per bottle/jar.


Use the coupon code “SERALABS20” at checkout to get 20% off your order.

Value for the money

At a price of $0.23 per milligram of cannabidiol, these CBD capsules offer a great value to users who want all the benefits of hemp extract with a simple method of administering orally. Purchasing the 3-count and 5-count value packs allows customers to save up to $139.80 on the final price of their order.

CBD Extraction Process

These CBD capsules are made using a CO2 and crystal precipitation technique. No pesticides, GMO or artificial ingredients are used at any part of the process. This ensures that all natural cannabinoids and terpenes are kept intact in the final product.


With each capsule containing 10 milligrams of pure cannabidiol from organic hemp, Sera Labs´ CBD capsules are perfect for customers who want a practical way to consume their daily dose of cannabidiol. Simply take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening – you will feel naturally relaxed and focused throughout the day.

This company uses only US-grown hemp from certified organic farms, making it a renowned business in the CBD market. The effectiveness of Sera Labs’ products is backed by the positive reviews of hundreds of customers across the country. Further information can be found on the company’s website, where the FAQ provides answers to the most common enquiries. Additionally, a contact form is also available with a commitment response time of maximum 24 hours.



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