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puffco peak

PuffCo Peak is a new device released by Puffco for the vaporizing of your concentrates in a unique way. The creativity behind this new idea is something you should see and experience. Nobody can complain about a 20-second warm-up time. The peak does its job to know the user, with 4 different heat settings, then remember your setting so that your sessions are just as enjoyable every time. The water filtration system maximizes the flavor output.

How to use Puffco peak

First, you need to charge the device fully. Remove the glass container from the base and add a little water. It is important to remember that you should never add water when the container is still attached to the base. Gently insert the glass into the base. Align it with the input port and the atomizer. Then press the button for heating settings. Apply the wax on the container with the loading tool and cover it with the glass cap. Wait for 20 seconds. Finally, inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy the vaping experience.

Puffco Peak is the first intelligent bong in the world. No, it’s not an E-nail or Dab nail, although it has elements of both. The peak has water filtration as a dab platform. It’s electric like an E nail, but it does not require assembly.

  • 4 temperature settings. The Puffco Peak has four temperature settings for small to extra-large loads with a heat-up time between 20 and 25 seconds.
  • Intelligent temperature calibration.The temperature range of 230 – 315 °C can be automatically adjusted if the bowl is still hot, which results in a pleasurable consistent experience.
  • Led light band. Led lights indicate battery power and heat cycle but only when information is needed.
  • Fast charging.The Peak battery charges in 2 hours. Fully charged it will last for some 30 dabs.

This modern-day dab rig has flawlessly mastered the combination of function and style, measuring at about 7″ tall & a 2.75″ wide base with it’s 4 specific Heat Settings, including a fun ass Sesh-Mode for when you and your peers are sharing this gorgeous creation, whether at home or on-the-go! Boasting a mere 20-second heat-up time, this portable eRig also features an LED light band & cool Haptic Feedback providing a nice, solid feel when in use. This smart Rig has intelligent Temperature control that will adjust itself when your bowl is still hot from your previous dab session, and a promised long-lasting and super quick to charge the battery. Also, you can enjoy taking this beauty out with you to the beach or on a hike as it’s the black base is covered in a rubberized layer that’s definitely more durable than our more commonly used all-glass rigs, and it also comes with its own thick ass yet incredibly lightweight carrying case! Protection all around.


The Puffco Peak looks like a pyramid-shaped. It is not as intimidating as an E nail or a Dab nail because it consists of only two parts, the water dispenser, and the base, each of which can be easily separated from the other. The design is perfect for social vaping. Two hours of charging can last 30 dabs. You can also try the ‘Intelligent Temperature Calibration’ to maintain a constant experience while sharing.


The way this device performs is astounding. First, it features four unique user settings. It can be set to Low ((Small load, 450°), Medium (Medium load, 500°), Large (Large load, 550°) and Peak (XL load, 600°). This all depends on how you would like to consume the concentrate. Lower temperatures can yield more flavorful stuff. On the other hand, a higher temperature has a stronger hit. This is suitable for novice and experts alike. The Peak also sports an LED light band that indicates the temperature and battery life. Green indicates 60%-100% left. Yellow means that it has 30%-60%, while red has only 0%-15% charge remaining. You need to click the front button twice to see the LED light for battery life.

Overview of the features of this device

  • First-Ever Smart Rig
  • Portable Dab Rig for Concentrates
  • 4 Unique User Heat Settings
  • Sesh Mode Functionality (for Social Dabbing)
  • 20 Second Heat Up Time
  • Intelligent Temperature Calibration
  • LED Light Band for Battery and Heat Cycle
  • Haptic Feedback Feature
  • Fast Charging Battery (2 Hours with Supercharger)
  • Long-Lasting Battery (Up to 30 Dabs)
  • Water Filtration Feature
  • Removable Ceramic Bowl
  • Hand-blown Glass Peak Bubbler
  • Comes with a Carrying Case
  • Desktop Vaporize

Accessories included in the package

  • Puffco Peak Device
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Loading Tool
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl
  • Micro USB Cable and Supercharger
  • User Manual


The puff peak release date is fast approaching, and it will be worth every vaper who wants an enjoyable experience. This device gives you the true power of concentrates that most clearly express the power, taste, and effect of the plant from which they come. You get the most effective and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever, without the learning curve.

Puffco peak gives a new and fresh look at how to get high. This device is sure to be Puffco’s first intelligent e-rig.

Overall, the Puffco peak is a great vape for those who like to take their concentrates on the go. The heat from this device is really incredible and even, making for a tasty, efficient vape every time. With the USB charging, there is nowhere you can’t go with this vape.



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