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By June 27, 2018Blog, CBD For Pets
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As dog owners, we all yearn for the same thing for our beloved pets, for them to be in high spirits and healthy. A lot of people do extraordinary things just to make sure that their furry friends are as comfortable as possible.

Whether this means buying an unimaginable amount of toys and treats for their pets to enjoy, furtively sliding a piece of lump chop to them when no one is watching, or even waking up at dawn each day to take them for a walk, we all go to greater lengths to please our dogs.

However, sometimes, keeping your dog healthy is quite a task. When your dog suffers from any disorder or a disease, it can be frustrating and heartbreaking. We love to help, but at times, the drugs prescribed to them worsen the situation.

That is exactly where CBD comes in. Though vets haven’t fully embraced the use of cannabis and medical weed yet, growing research shows that this is the way to go in managing various diseases, disorders, and ailments. And the therapeutic benefits realized from administering CBD to your dogs are amazing. However, prior to diving into that, let’s get to explore briefly what CBD is. Try this soothe™ pet oil which your dog will love.

In brief, what is CBD?

CBD and THC are the key compounds present in the cannabis plant. Whereas THC is intoxicating and has psychoactive effects, CBD gives the consumers a pain-relieving sensation that is indescribable.

What all this means is that, when you are administering CBD to your dog, you are not attempting in any way to get it high or intoxicated. CBD contains no THC, and if there is the presence of any, it’s in little percentages (less than 0.03%); meaning, your pet will enjoy the medical benefit of CBD without getting high.

Since now you have a good understanding of what CBD really is, let’s try to learn the benefits of giving it on your dogs.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is a tough disorder to manage, be it in humans or in dogs. While humans can convey their emotions and feelings, dogs have no specific manner of doing that. Severe anxiety in dogs can result in destructive behaviors such as urinating indoors, chewing unnecessary, scratching at doors, carpet, furniture and walls, barking, and more.

CBD dog treats can aid in alleviating the levels of anxiety your dog is having. The relaxing attributes in CBD help dogs to calm down so that they less react negatively in case of anxiety.

Chronic pain relief

Whether your dog is dealing with cancer, arthritis, or any disorder that can cause persistent pain, as a pet owner you will go the extra mile to do everything you can to take the pain away.

Despite the fact that CBD for dogs is not a total cure, it can help immensely in keeping the dog pain-free in such situations. CBD treats especially for dogs target inflammation in the joints making your dog feel relaxed during uncomfortable situations.

Loss of appetite

If your furry companion has been experiencing nausea and is struggling to eat, CBD pet treats might be the ideal solution you are looking for. Actually, the treats provide the digestive relief which your dogs badly need.


Many people who suffer from epilepsy have embraced cannabis to relieve their symptoms. Therefore, it is no surprise that your dog could also benefit from the same if it is experiencing seizures.

CBD oil for dogs can largely help control seizures and minimize the frequency in which they strike. Your dog via the administration of CBD oil will feel better, and so will you have a better peace of mind knowing that the furry friend is doing okay.

Aggressive behaviors

Whether your dog was abused in the past, has a chemical imbalance in the brain, or just sensitive to certain movements or sounds, aggressive behavior is regrettably common.

By using CBD dog treats, you can significantly calm some of these behaviors.  CBD helps curb the belligerent behavior and stress levels that your dog might be experiencing. Obviously, this translates to a healthier and happier dog.

Bottom line

Dog behavior issues, anxiety, stress relief, appetite control, and pain relief: you name it; CBD can help in one way or another.  You should always read additional information about the product that you buy for your pet. Try the various CBD dog treat options out there – edibles, pills, lotions, etc – and see the results.


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