Is The Olympics Finally Allowing Substance Use During Sports Events?

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Drugged athletes aren’t allowed to play on the field, but can CBD push its way out of the banned drug list?

Considering that the 2018 Winter Olympics is very close, can Olympic players participate if they’re under the influence of CBD?

Recently, drug use amongst Olympic players has become a shocking revelation. Regardless of how the athlete intends to use it for, may it be recreational or for doping, officials consider these select players in higher regard compared to a regular athlete.

However, what says do they have with a specific cannabinoid that is non-psychoactive used for therapy purposes? Are they finally allowing CBD intake among Olympic athletes?

When CBD And Sports Collide

What comes first into your mind when you see/hear the words drugs and professional sports players? Let me guess you were thinking about steroids, weren’t you?

Steroids or any other muscle and performance-enhancing substances have always been seen as a bridge that connects the athlete to their passion. However, if you bring up weed to the conversation, you might just kill the party.

Regardless of the fact that cannabis has been medically known for its potency and its good effects for physical improvement during workout sessions, cannabis is yet to be considered an option for players.

However, way back in 1998, when a Canadian snowboarder named Ross Rebagliati was confirmed THC positive, cannabis was then listed along with the other banned substances by the Olympic authorities.

After a year, the World Anti-Doping Agency was established. Hence, the scandal about Olympians smoking weed was then forgotten for almost a decade.

As time passed and the issue seemed to have burned out, a certain scandal rose up around 2009.

Michael Phelps, an American Olympic swimmer who had brought home 23 gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals during his swimming career, had bathed in the limelight for a photograph that ruined his reputation.

But unlike way back in 2004, he did not receive another DUI because this time, Phelps became the center of controversy because someone thought of uploading a photograph of him using a bong to smoke weed.

Michael confirmed that the picture was real and apologized to the public. Nevertheless, he lost a sponsorship deal with Kellogg as well as the USA Swimming that suspended him from competition for three long months.

Even so, leaked photos or controversial scandals about athletes using weed is nothing new for us nowadays, a lot of sports leagues have banned drugs, even cannabis.

In order to make sure nothing passes through them, athletes are required to go through mandatory drug testing.

However, in the past, the rules were not the same.

Last 2013, Olympic athletes followed a different set of rules created by the World Anti-Doping Agency who quietly raised the tolerated levels of THC in the system of Olympic athletes. But as 2016 came, the rules were changed and conformed for the players.

Today, most Olympic athletes have been granted authorization to use cannabis as long as it doesn’t fall during competition season.

Sounds like a good deal but on the other hand, how about cannabidiol? Will Olympic athletes ever be allowed to use CBD even during events?

So Are Olympic Athletes Allowed To Use CBD Or Not?

To put simply, yes. Olympic Athletes are allowed to use CBD as long as it’s in accordance with scientific research and for recreational and medical purposes.

With the available information about the cannabinoid, the World Anti-Doping Agency kept their banned substance list up to date. Even so, the authorities still won’t allow Olympic athletes to use any products with THC content during the competition.

Regardless, CBD is allowed. As the updated 2018 list, Section S8, WADA states that CBD is no longer on the list of prohibited substances.

As time passes by, more and more people realize the health benefits CBD has to offer not only for athletes but even for regular citizens as well. Maybe someday soon, the use of CBD will not only be recognized in the athletic or medical industry but even in other leagues like food and cosmetics as well.

Who knows, maybe a company who specializes in producing CBD-infused products might just start sponsoring athletes who use CBD as a part of their daily routine.

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