Mind Blowing Benefits of CBD For Your Skin

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Although CBD products are mostly used by customers who want to relieve neurological conditions such as pain and anxiety, numerous scientific studies have unveiled the enormous potential of cannabidiol in the treatment of skin disorders. Patients suffering from acne, dryness or redness can significantly benefit from a daily dose of CBD, as this hemp-derived substance is naturally soothing and repairing.

Cannabidiol products for the skin come in many shapes and administration methods. Sublingual tinctures are a good option, but CBD-infused topicals can provide even better results for localized conditions.

What is CBD?

The first step to understand the potential benefits of CBD is knowing more about the substance. Extracted from industrial hemp plants, CBD is a non-psychoactive oily substance that can interact with a series of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

Due to its non-psychoactive nature, cannabidiol has been legalized for its sale and consumption in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and several territories in Western Europe. CBD products are mostly available online, but physical retailers are also commonplace in some areas.

How this hemp component interacts with the body is not yet fully understood. We know, however, that it can provide balance to the endocannabinoid system and therefore improve many physical and neurological conditions. Furthermore, CBD is known to have powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Should I Include CBD in my Daily Skin Care Routine?

Whether you are suffering from eczema, acne, or overall dryness, you might have heard about the wide range of CBD-infused skin products that claim to help treat these conditions. The following reasons might help you have a better understanding of why this natural component of hemp can be the ultimate remedy to these disorders.

1) CBD Products Reduce Skin Inflammation

Inflammation is the most common symptom of almost every significant skin condition. While there are effective pharmaceutical remedies against it, cannabidiol is preferred by many customers due to its natural origin and lack of secondary effects.

Apart from skin products, cannabidiol´s anti-inflammatory properties are commonly used by athletes and gym-goers suffering from joint pains or sore muscles. CBD penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and provides effective soothing within minutes.

2) CBD Reduces Sebum Production

For people suffering from acne, reducing the production of oil is a crucial element of any treatment. Acne is caused by an excessive production of sebum combined with the blockage of skin pores. CBD´s interaction with the endocannabinoid system allows it to reduce the sebum production of the skin without causing excessive dryness.

3) Cannabidiol is a Natural Antibacterial

Skin conditions such as acne and eczema are caused -among other factors- by bacteria, genetic variations, and external irritants. CBD is a natural antibacterial substance that can be included in any skin-care routine to prevent new acne breakouts.

Although there are several over the counter antibacterials for sale in pharmacies, many of them have components such as menthol, which can cause skin inflammation and worsen conditions such as dermatitis and acne.

4) CBD Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Whether you suffer from a specific skin condition or are simply looking to reduce your wrinkles and make your skin look younger and healthier, cannabidiol´s antioxidant properties make it a preferred skincare product for thousands of customers from all around the world.

Before CBD was legalized in the United States and further scientific research became commonplace in laboratories from all around the world, Vitamins C and E were considered the most potent and effective antioxidants in the market. Due to its chemical composition, CBD can effectively neutralize free radicals and promote faster healing and rejuvenating processes in the skin.

What Are The Drawbacks?

Because CBD is still mostly unregulated and the FDA does not have any guidelines to evaluate the effectiveness of cannabidiol products, several companies in the United States and the rest of the world are selling low-quality extracts that provide no benefits at all. Pure CBD can undoubtedly help treat skin disorders, but it is often hard for consumers to find out which brands and products to purchase.

Apart from that, cannabidiol is considered a safe substance that causes no secondary effects. Unlike other pharmaceutical remedies, which can lead to dependence or inflammatory reactions in the skin, CBD is a natural substance that can be used safely as a compliment to your regular skincare routine.

Which CBD Products are the Best for Skin Conditions?

Although many argue that sublingual tinctures and vapes are the most effective administration methods for CBD, the fact is that topicals and salves are usually more recommended for patients suffering from localized or skin-related conditions. While cannabidiol must be absorbed into the bloodstream and travel throughout the entire body when consumed sublingually, it can begin acting right away when applied directly to the skin.

CBD topicals usually contain a carrier substance (such as MCT coconut oil) and a certain amount of pure cannabidiol. For customers suffering from conditions such as acne or eczema, a small or medium CBD concentration is recommended. Furthermore, some topicals have additional components, such as arnica and Aloe Vera. While these can be helpful and speed up the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, it is essential to check if you are not allergic to any of these components before choosing a product.

In the “Topicals” section of most CBD websites, you will also find several muscle anti-inflammatories, as well as creams and gels designed for athletes. These products are not recommended for the treatment of skin conditions, as they might contain substances that can irritate sensible skins or cause dryness.

Are These Products Legal?

While the legality of any CBD product depends on your geographical location, cannabidiol topicals and CBD-infused skin treatments can be legally sold in the United States as long as their THC concentration is below the 0.3% Federal Limit. Before buying any CBD product, it is crucial to verify if there is an informative section on the company´s website stating the exact concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in their products.

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