What Medical Scientific Studies Say About CBD

By January 4, 2018CBD Clinical Trials
cbd studies

CBD Studies

The use of Marijuana either for medical or recreation purposes still continues to attract never-ending emotional, social and political questions. Even though CDB has been used to treat medical conditions for decades, the fear of abuse never seems to end. Scientists have in the recent years advanced their research on CBD compound in Marijuana and discovered it has numerous therapeutic values.

Marijuana has more than 60 compounds and CBD is just one of the ingredients. One other compound that has raised a major concern in the use of medical Marijuana is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and this is due to the altering effect that it has on the user’s brain. The scientists believe that despite the presence of THC in Marijuana CBD also exist in very high levels and it’s medicinal effect keeps getting even higher and stronger. CBD has been categorized by scientists as a major component of marijuana that does not affect the mental process of a person and, according to doctors; it would be totally unacceptable to deny patients its important medicinal value.

CBD is a potential treatment for schizophrenia, oxidative injury, and neural-inflammation; it acts as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antipsychotic which indeed make it the best for treatment. Research shows that unlike other cannabinoid that have already been studied, CBD has minimal influence on the CB1 receptors which are widely spread and concentrated in areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, emotion, perception, endocrine functions and autonomic.  CBD, in the same way, has less effect on CB2 receptors which mostly occur in the body’s immune system and they help with easing of pain and other forms of inflammations.THC influences these receptors largely causing mind-altering effects which explains the reason as to why a majority of Marijuana being grown for recreational reasons are mostly high in THC and with very low levels of CBD.

CBD is possibly on the top of the list as the most effective pain relieving compound and there is numerous evidence from studies and comments from experienced users that affirms this as true. A meta-analysis performed in Canada in 2007 reveals that a mixture of THC and CBD mouth spray is effective in the treatment of neuropathic pain by blocking transmission in the pain pathways. According to a study published in the journal of experimental medicine in 2012, CBD had to a larger extent reduced chronic and inflammatory pain in rodents and with no result of analgesic tolerance.

cbd studies

CBD treats different kinds of illnesses

CBD was also found to treat anxiety in a study conducted in 2011. The study was seeking to establish the effects of CBD on people with a social anxiety disorder during a simulation public speaking test. At least 24-never before treated patients with anxiety disorder were given CBD 2 hours before the test and surprisingly, this treatment was found by scientists to have reduced the anxiety, speech discomfort, and alertness in speech anticipation.

Invasion, adhesion, and migration of cancerous cells usually make the body’s fight against cancer a continuous battle and a difficult one. In 2011 researchers provided more information on the ability of CBD to cause the elimination of cancerous cells in the breast. The research demonstrated how CBD killed both oestrogen receptor-negative and oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells with very minimal side effects resulting in the parts mammary glands that have no tumor.

Generally, CBD is a harmless compound, studies have also shown that taking about 750 milligrams per day for 7 weeks cannot cause any toxicity in the human body this, therefore, means that CBD can comfortably be used for treatment for a long period of time. Further studies show that CBD can also be used to prevent cancer of the lung and colon cancer. The CBD compound holds anti-tumor properties and has been used for the treatment of leukemia in the past.

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reported in 2013 that CBD is very effective in the prevention of damage to the vascular, which happens as a result of high levels glucose and inflammation of type two diabetics.



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