The Live Rosin Sauce Vape: As Potent As It Is Tasty

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It’s worth knowing a thing or two about CBD and THC, the body’s chemical response to cannabis is the point. But, there’s a lot more to it than that. You don’t necessarily select your favorite strains based strictly on their effect, but on their scent and flavor, brought you courtesy of the flower’s terpenes, as well, and that’s why a lot of vape cartridges just aren’t as pleasurable as the real thing. Even when you’re sitting out for a round, there’s something about the smell of cannabis that brings back fond memories, that creates that warm, friendly, communal feeling, and you can’t get that part of the experience from a flavorless vaping oil.

Here’s how Lowell Farms sees it: You shouldn’t have to choose between the convenience and smokelessness of vaping, and the full experience you get from smoking the flower itself, hence.

The Cold Pressed Live Rosin Sauce Disposable Vape

The aim of Lowell Farms’ Live Rosin vape is to get the full flavor experience of smoking cannabis flowers with all the advantages that you enjoy with vaping. Vaping allows you to control your dosage precisely, there’s no lingering smell, and you can take a puff right out of your pocket, no need to pull your whole kit out every time you want a quick hit.

The cannabis experience is more than just THC and CBD. That part is pretty essential, but at Lowell Farms, the whole idea is that flavor counts, too. Anyone who knows how to work a kitchen can put some CBD oil into some butter and spread it on toast. Lowell Cafe, where you can try out a Rosin Sauce vape for yourself, tries a little harder than that. This is the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant in the US, bringing together everything you want from a dispensary and everything you want from your favorite eatery.

And while you’re there, try out the cannabis-infused Gold Bar whiskey cocktail, What the Fig, signature cocktail of the cafe’s head chef.

Andrea Drummer

Andrea Drummer is basically the Julia Child of cannabis cooking, star of the Netflix series Cooking on High, and author of “Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of a Born Again Chef.” With legalization and decriminalization taking place all across the country, exciting new things are happening in the culinary arts. We’re beyond putting some CBD oil in a brownie and try to cover up the taste with loads of sugar. It’s more like a whole ingredient with its unique properties; its unique textures and flavors have been unlocked for legal use. That is, for the first time, we’re seeing what cannabis looks like (and tastes like, and smells like) in the hands of the world’s best chefs, so you can bet that Andrea Drummer is going down in the culinary history books.

Lowell’s marijuana is all-organic, grown in real fertilizer with no synthetic insecticides. Basically: Lowell Farms treats marijuana like organic heritage tomatoes or bell peppers. The legalization of marijuana has opened a lot of doors for businesses to jump into the market. At Lowell Farms, the hope is that the industry can be sustainable, eco-friendly, and of course, that what is produced is as potent as it is tasty.


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