How to Consume CBD

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HOW to consume cbd

There are now many different ways that you can consume CBD for health and wellness to fit with your lifestyle and daily routine. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a cannabinoid present in cannabis similar to THC, but different in the sense that it is not intoxicating. A lot of people look for CBD to help with anxiety, stress, or inflammation. If you’re an athlete, you might take CBD for post-workout recovery when you have sore muscles or inflamed joints.

The most effective method to consume CBD is by using a delivery system where it enters the bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth. But you can consume CBD in pretty much any way that you might take THC. This includes edibles like brownies, cookies, gummies – also tinctures, vaping, suppositories, sprays, soap, lip gloss, and chapsticks. There are even CBD beverages such as wine, beer, and soda.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tincture is probably the most common type of delivery system. You take a couple of drops and put it on your tongue, wait 15 minutes to 40 minutes as the CBD enters your bloodstream to feel the effects. It should then last three to four hours.

Tinctures will usually come with a carrier oil. Most use refined coconut oil. You can find specific tinctures for different CBD/THC ratios when there are THC and other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant versus isolated CBD that is known as a full-spectrum extract. A useful way to think of it is vitamin C powder versus eating an orange.

CBD Creams

CBD creams and lotions can be put on your skin to help with any inflammation, swelling, sore joints, or muscles. The benefits of this are instead of consuming a tincture daily; alternatively, you can apply creams and lotions topically as needed for conditions like arthritis.

So even your grandma with sore hands could put this on her hands and get rTinctureselief. There’s no high as the CBD is taken through the skin, and it’s not going to make you feel any particular way.

This option is recommended for people who may not be comfortable ingesting any type of cannabis. They feel a lot safer just putting it on their skin. So this is a perfect way to ease elderly relatives into trying CBD.

CBD Pills

There are also CBD capsules that come in your typical blister pack with ten pills that you pop out and take in the morning or an evening whenever you need it. These are pure cannabidiol extracts. More people respond well to these kinds of medicines because that’s what they are used to. Just take the pills at the recommended daily dosage, and you are done!

Smoking CBD

Some people might still like to smoke or vape CBD oil. They’ve got their own ritual, and you can find smokable CBD products that have that familiar cannabis flavor and taste.

These are great for anyone who has either smoked in the past or has never smoked before; they might simply be curious because they’ve heard about CBD and its many possible benefits.

Products with high CBD content help with anxiety, first and foremost, but smokable varieties still might contain a small amount of THC. CBD joints usually come in a pre-rolled pack. It’s really straightforward. You don’t even have to roll it up. You simply light it and smoke it.

Do Your CBD Research

So from above, you can see there are many different ways you can consume CBD. Cannabidiol is now legal in most national jurisdictions when it has been refined purely from hemp, so you can find CBD products in your hometown where cannabis may not be permitted.

It’s essential to know from which specific source your CBD is derived. So as always, do your own research.

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