How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Body

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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Body

CBD is one of 113 identified cannabinoids from the cannabis family of plants, but more specifically, it comes from hemp. As the cousin of THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana that is famous and illegal for giving users the sensation of feeling high, when CBD enters your body, it will go through your endocannabinoid system and activate specific receptors.

These receptors are situated in the brain, the nervous system, the lungs, the liver, and the kidneys. The amount of CBD which remains detectable in your body will depend on several different factors. One major one is how you take the CBD into your system.

CBD Metabolism

Taking CBD, for example, through oil drops, is considered to be the most effective form of ingestion, but it will be delayed for an hour or two. In contrast, smoking or vaping CBD will enter your system almost immediately. Your metabolism also plays a massive role in how quickly CBD is metabolized into your system.

The higher dosage of CBD you take, the longer it will remain active. Within your body. The estimated half-life of CBD is three to five days after having entered the body and will not greatly differ compared to men and women.

CBD Well-Being

When selecting the best CBD product, it’s usually better to have third party lab results on hand. You want to reference their website; it needs to be very transparent.

You need to know what’s going into the product that you’re consuming to make sure that it is within the legal limit in your country to be sold and distributed. Make sure that you’re not taking something illegal.

CBD Drug Testing

How long a CBD product stays in your system can affect specific circumstances like drug tests as well. It should typically be possible to find a product that’s zero percent THC; you might want to have any psychoactive effects or the possibility that you might fail a drug test.

It’s rare to fail a drug test if you’re taking standard dosages of an over the counter CBD product
You’ve probably heard of somebody failing a drug test. But why do they fail? They could be taking something that’s not good quality. They could also be taking larger doses.

There are different recommendations for dosages for specific diseases or illnesses or conditions that you have. A lot of these may be higher than the standard dose. But if you take a standard dose or even lower, maybe half a dose a day, you should be in the clear.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

The simple approach is to expect anywhere from three to five days. Does that mean it might be in your system for a week? Of course. It all depends on various factors, including weight, age, height, sex. How much you eat, and how well does your body get rid of toxins.

If you take larger doses, for something like pain, for example, doubling up, tripling up, quadrupling up, that’s higher than the standard treatment. Some people could be failing a drug test because of that.

CBD could take anywhere from eight to ten days to get out of your system. So you need to make sure what you’re getting is quality.

If you’re concerned about failing a drug test, always make sure you go with a THC free product.

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