HEALTHNETICS CBD Menthol Balm (160mg CBD)Review

By August 13, 2019CBD Product Review

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The fact, however, is that over 91 million people suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, and some other form of arthritis, as reported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease.

Joint pain adversely affects the body well beyond the chronic physical pain and effect on the quality of life. However, the problem is on treating muscle and joint pain. CBD menthol balm from healthnetics is the ideal solution to all muscle and joint pain. CBD menthol balm is infused with the cooling effect of menthol to cool off the affected area.

CBD menthol balm from healthnetics packs the best quality CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and Menthol to naturally calm the affected muscles and joints. Healthnetics CBD balm is produced and clinically tested in the United State for absolute purity.

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Taste and Scent

CBD menthol balm from healthnetics does not include artificial flavor but the menthol still has a sweet scent.


The ingredients present in this product include AEA Certified Emu Oil, Pure Hemp CBD, Menthol, CinnamomumCamphora (Camphor), Cera Alba (Beeswax), Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil.

Does it contain THC?

The product is 100% THC-free


The product comes in a 30-milliliter bottle. At the back of the bottle are lists of ingredients and method of application.

Where did CBD menthol balm start?

United States started Hemp which healthnetics used to make the CBD menthol balm.

How to Use healthnetics CBD menthol balm

The product must be applied and massage into the problem area. Quantity may depend on severity. The bottle should be stored under room temperature.

What’s the shipping process?

The United States postal service s responsible for shipping the CBD menthol balm. They process orders between 1-2 business days. Customers are assigned a unique tracking number to input into the USPS site to track order status. CBD menthol balm is available in the United States only.

 Returns Policy?

Unhappy customers or those who received damaged products should contact healthnetics within 30 days of purchase. Healthnetics typically process refund and replacements within 3 days.


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Best quality at an affordable price

Healthnetics designed their CBD menthol balm to provide a fast relief whenever it is massaged on problem areas. AEA Certified Emu Oil™ is the main ingredient of this natural pain relief alternative. The Emu Oil and menthol allows the balm to quickly and calmly enters the muscles and joints. The CBD menthol balm is affordably priced at $89.95 to keep you relaxed.

CBD Extraction Process

All healthnetics CBD menthol balm is Co2 extracted which naturally preserves the hemp without harmful chemicals.


CBD menthol balm from Healthnetics relief chronic pain in the body by lowering inflammation. It’s an ideal relaxing solution for arthritis patient and those with other muscle and joint pains.

You can go over to the Healthnetics website for more info or contact support for further inquiries.


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