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By August 28, 2018CBD Product Review
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Combining the best of their products, Hemp My Pet has developed two different Wellness Bundles with CBD dog traits, Hemp Tincture and Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil. These packs are great for pet owners who want to provide all the benefits of cannabinoids to their four-legged friends with the best products in the market.

Hemp My Pet is renowned for its high quality standards, as all of its products are made with organic hemp grown in Colorado. This company third-party tests all batches before they leave their facilities to ensure safety, legality and consistency. With these Wellness Bundles, not only do you get three premium CBD pet products, but you also benefit from savings of up to $30.

CBD Product

Hemp My Pet Small Wellness Bundle ($118.00) – Buy Now

  • 25 Hemp-Infused Organic Dog Biscuits (2mg)
  • 30ml CBD Tincture (250mg)
  • 150ml Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil (100mg).

Hemp My Pet Large Wellness Bundle ($245.00) – Buy Now

  • 15 Hemp-Infused Organic Dog Biscuits (5mg)
  • 30ml CBD Tincture (1000mg)
  • 150ml Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil (500mg).

Taste and Scent

While the CBD Tincture contains no added flavors and maintains the oily taste of hemp, dog traits contain natural flavourings and delicious ingredients that ensure a wonderful taste. The Hemp Extract is mixed with Coconut Oil for an enhanced flavor and an easier absorption


Hemp-Infused Organic Dog Biscuits:

Pumpkin, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Apples, Eggs, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract, Mint, Parsley and Baking Powder.

CBD Tincture:

Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Extract.

Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil:

Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Hemp Extract.

Any THC in this Product

The selection and extraction processes of these products ensure THC levels well below the .3% federal limit.


Both the CBD Tincture and the Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil come in individual bottles inside boxes with informative labels. The Organic Dog Biscuits are packaged in resealable bags to ensure freshness.

Origin of CBD

100% Industrial Hemp grown organically in Colorado.

How to Use

CBD traits are meant to be given as a reward for small or large dogs. Both the Hemp Tincture and the Hemp-Infused Coconut oil are to be added to the pet’s diet following the serving directions written in the labels.


Hemp My Pet provides Free Shipping on all orders within the Continental U.S. Otherwise, customers can choose between the United States Postal Service or UPS for express delivery at an additional cost.

Returns Policy

Unopened products purchased through Hemp My Pet’s website can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.


By subscribing to the Auto Ship program, customers can save 10% on every order.

Value for the money

Hemp My Pet’s Wellness Bundles give an exceptional value for money, as they cost up to $30 less than the total retail price of all the products included.

CBD Extraction Process

This company uses a cold-pressed extraction process that keeps all the cannabinoids and naturally-occurring terpenes intact.


With three high-quality CBD products, this Wellness Bundle is a perfect combination that ensures a boost of health and calm to your pet. This pack saves you up to $30 from the combined prices of the three products. With a careful selection and extraction process, this company guarantees maximum effectiveness and safety in all their products.

By browsing Hemp My Pet’s website, customers can get to know more about the company and the quality of their products. The FAQ section provides additional information and there is also a contact tab at the bottom right side for any further enquiries.


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