Hemp Bombs – High Potency CBD E-Liquid Additive

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Hemp Bombs E- Liquid Additives compliment every E- Liquid flavor. CBD Additives give every Vape user a very convenient way to ingest CBD. Hemp Bombs third party tests all Hemp. No THC is in any product made by Hemp Bombs. Extremely high purity is consistently maintained. Everything is made in the USA. Hemp Bombs CBD E- Liquid additives can be easily dripped into any Vaping device. Hemp Bombs CBD E- Liquid additives give you total CBD dosing flexibility. The vapors will provide you with a feeling of complete relaxation; all your stress will melt away. Hemp Bombs CBD products will help your body and mind. Everything will work in optimal performance. Hemp Bombs CBD E- Liquid Additive offers an awesome Vaping experience. Every Product made by Hemp Bombs is legal in all 50 states. Hemp Bombs CBD products are all 100% THC Free. Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid additive mixes perfectly into any of your favorite Vaping flavors.

CBD Products

Choose from these 6 Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives:

75mg CBD 16.5ml ($14.99)

250mg CBD 16.5ml ($39.99)

300mg CBD 60ml ($49.99)

1000mg CBD 60ml ($99.99)

2000mg CBD 60ml ($169.99)

4000mg CBD 120ml ($299.99)

Taste and Scent

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid is flavorless. Though it does take on the taste of whatever you add it to. There is a mild earthy smell when you open the bottle not overpowering.


Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Pure CBD


Every Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additive arrives in a handy squeezable bottle. I really like the artistic labels. Text is all easy to read and understand.

Origin of CBD

Hemp Bombs imports Hemp from Europe.

How to Use

Simply add to any Vaping device of choice and enjoy!

Shipping and Handling

Hemp Bombs ships to all 50 US states. If you order over $ 75 of Hemp Bomb Products they reward you with free shipping. Order less than $ 75 worth of Hemp Bombs CBD products and there is a $5 shipping fee.

Returns Policy

If necessary, please request a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. If you are interested in exchanging a product you may do so; within the initial 30 day period. If you exchange a product for one of lesser value; Hemp Bombs will not refund the difference.


If you sign up for the Hemp Bombs newsletter; they will send you a confirmation email with an instant 10% off coupon code. You will also receive emails with new coupon codes periodically. There is a 15% military discount; valid documentation must be provided. There is an application to complete, they request a copy of your military ID. Hemp Bombs also offers a purchase program to seniors; called a Seasoned Citizens Discount. This is a great idea for everyone 55 or older. You have the opportunity to try different Hemp Bombs CBD products, and save a little money. Seniors can get 15% off on all Hemp Bomb purchases. Just fill out the application and provide the requested documentation.

Value for the money

These Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Vaping additives are flavorless. You are given the ability to ingest CBD using any flavor you choose. That is an awesome advantage that makes these products worth the money.

CBD Extraction Process

CO2 extraction is used on all hemp. The resulting 99% pure isolate is used in Hemp Bombs High Potency E-Liquid CBD Additive products.


Hemp Bombs has a wide selection of CBD products. Everyone has a way that CBD works best for them; some really love to Vape, Some people find that they don’t enjoy Vaping. There are plenty of other Hemp Bombs CBD products to try. People use Hemp Bombs products for a variety of reasons. This company has a wide selection of superior quality THC free CBD products. Hemp Bombs has amazing customer service. Everyone is willing to be very helpful. If you enjoy Vaping, I strongly suggest giving this product line a try. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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