Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

By May 2, 2017CBD Product Review
hemp bombs gummies


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Hemp Bombs has been awarded Break Out Brand Of The Year. Hemp Bombs combines High Potency CBD and Natural Botanical Extracts; encouraging optimal function within your entire body. Hemp Bombs third party tests all the Hemp before they use it in any products. Results remain consistent. No THC has been found in any of the Hemp used by Hemp Bombs. Extremely high purity is the result of impressively rigid farming practices.  This is the most pure and authentic line of CBD  products on the market.  Everything is made in the USA. Hemp Bombs will provide you with a feeling of complete relaxation; all your stress will melt away. Hemp Bombs products will leave your body and mind working in peak performance. Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies offer a very convenient and flexible option for everyone’s CBD needs. Each Gummy is 15mg of CBD (With the exception of High Potency Gummies being 25mg CBD each). Legal in all 50 states every Hemp Bombs CBD Gummy is 100% THC Free. Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies usually take effect within a half hour. The effects can last sometimes up to 4 hours. People may feel many different benefits to using Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. Hemp Bombs strives to provide; a line of products that will ease discomfort and help you feel a bit more relaxed. Whether you are looking to maintain overall wellness or treat a chronic medical symptom; Hemp Bombs has a CBD product that will help you improve your life.

CBD Products

Choose from these 5 Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies products:

75mg CBD 5 Count ($14.99)

225mg CBD 15 Count ($34.99)

450mg CBD 30 Count ($59.99)

900mg CBD 60 Count ($99.99)

1500mg CBD 60 Count High Potency ($139.99)

Taste and Scent

The gummies taste almost like fruit roll ups. When you open the package it smells like fresh squeezed fruit punch.


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatine, Citric Acid, Calcium Lactate, Silicone Dioxide, Natural Flavor, Artificial Flavor, Certified Pure CBD, L-Theatine, Scutellaria, Passifloria.


Almost every package of gummies arrives in a nicely labelled plastic bottle with a safety cap. The graphics are really cool and funky. The 5 count gummies are the only exception; they arrive in a nicely labelled resalable bag. All directions are easy to understand.

Origin of CBD

Certified Organic European Hemp is imported. Crystalline CBD isolate is made resulting in 99% purity.

How to Use

Take 1-2 gummies daily. Please make sure to chew very well before swallowing!


If you buy products over $ 75; you get free shipping. If not then there is a $5 shipping fee. Currently Hemp Bombs ships to all 50 US states.

Return / Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with a Hemp Bombs product: You may request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. If you are interested in exchanging a product for one of equal or lesser value you may do so; if it is within the initial 30 day period. If you decide to exchange a product for one of lesser value; Hemp Bombs will not refund you the cash difference in price.


An Instant 10% off coupon is available. If you sign up for the Hemp Bombs newsletter; they send you a confirmation email with the 10% off coupon code. There is a 15% military discount granted upon valid documentation being provided. Hemp Bombs also offers a Seasoned Citizens Discount. Everyone the age of 55 or older can get 15% off on Hemp Bomb purchases. They request verification with documentation.

Value for the money

Hemp Bombs Gummies offer flexibility. These products are reliable and have outstanding purity. There is no doubt that Hemp Bombs Gummies are very worth the money.

CBD Extraction Process

First hydrocarbon extraction is used, then Winterization removes all of the fats. If there are any unneeded plant materials they are swiftly removed with a rotary evaporator. There is now a result of oil. The oil is sent through another swift pass in the rotary evaporator. Almost Done! The oil is converted into its active form of CBD using heat (this is called decarboxylation). And there you have it a 99% pure CBD Crystalline Isolate has been created to use in Hemp Bombs Gummies.


Hemp Bombs has an immaculate reputation. Hemp Bomb Products are reliable and effective. There is a wide range of CBD gummies products available from Hemp Bombs.  Extremely pure and potent ingredients are used to maximize effectiveness. People can use Hemp Bomb CBD products for many reasons. There is undoubtedly a CBD product from Hemp Bombs for you. Hemp Bombs wants to provide you with a informative CBD purchasing experience. Why not try Some Hemp Bombs gummies today? I know you cannot wait to feel the relaxation wash over your frazzled body.

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