Hanafsan Hemp Extract CBD Oil (10ml CBD) Review

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The product has less than 0.2% THC.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), “over 40 million Americans suffers from at least one of anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, cancer, and epilepsy”.

Although there are prescribed pharmaceutical medications to these conditions, most of them comes with severe side effects. Luckily, CBD oil is a home remedy solution to these conditions.

One of the best CBD oil in the market is Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil from Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp GmbH. Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil is one of the purest, potent, and top-quality CBD product in the market.

Past users of the hemp extract CBD oil testified to the company’s commitment to topnotch CBD products. Their CBD oil ingredients are domestically grown, professionally extracted, and clinically tested in third party laboratories for pureness, potency, and effectiveness.

CBD Product

Hemp extracts CBD oil

10ml (€62)Buy Now

Taste and Scent

Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil has no artificial flavoring or preservatives but taste nicely.


Hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil contains 10% cannabidiol (CBD).

Any THC Included

All Hanafsan hemp extract CBD products have a federal regulated THC level of below 0.3%. That way, they are legal for consumption all over the U.S.


Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil comes in a 10-milliliters bottle with droppers for easy administration. Labels containing product information like list of ingredients, how to use, etc, can be found at the back of the bottle.

Origin Of CBD Product

Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil is manufactured in Austria and approved by the European Union.

How to Use

Like every CBD oil, Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil is best consumed through sublingual administration. Before use, the 10ml bottle must be properly shaken. Place 1/4 dropper under the tongue for up to 20 seconds, then swallow. You can repeat this 2-4 times every day, depending on recommendation from a medical professional. Bottles must be stored at room temperature when not in use.


All orders are delivered by Post or DPD. However, shipping costs vary depending on location. Delivery to Russia costs £4.10, while Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic all costs £8.90. Also, countries like Italy, France, and the United Kingdom all have their shipping costs at £9.80 while Switzerland and Lichtenstein cost £11.90. All orders are delivered between 2-5 business days.

Returns Policy

Unsatisfied customers or customers who received damaged product should contact Hanafsan within 14 days of purchase. Replacement or refunds are typically processed within 72 hours.

Value For The Money

Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil is designed to relieve pain, anxiety, and promote relaxation and quality sleep. Hanafsan Hemp extract CBD oil is priced at £62, an affordable way to live healthily.

Cbd Extraction Process

Hemp extract CBD oil is processed through the Co2 extraction method. This method naturally preserves the compounds in the hemp plant without adding harmful artificial chemicals or losing its 100% hemp anpurity.


Hanafsan hemp extract CBD oil from Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp GmbH, works as an anti-inflammator to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and promote relaxation and quality sleep. The company has received numerous positive reviews from happy customers who benefitted from their quality standard CBD products.

Visit the Hanafsan website to browse the various selections of CBD products or contact support for further requests and inquiries.


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