GoGreen Hemp Premium CBD Unflavored Oil Drops

By December 14, 2017CBD Product Review


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I have a rare case of Tourettes syndrome that started 4 years ago and I’m 55 years old with no history of Tourettes in my family. I was a phone customer service agent for 34 years. My career was destroyed because of it. Three years looking for work getting laughed at while ticking finally got work 2 years ago.

I Started taking GoGreen Hemp unflavored oil drops daily for about 5 months now and it has truly changed my life. I personally like the Unflavored drops because I can mix them with anything from water, orange juice etc and it doesn’t affect the taste too much unlike some of the other brands that I have tried that can get rather harsh because CBD in general doesn’t taste too great.

The oil drops have reduced my ticks from 400 daily to about 4-5 daily. Truly a life saving supplement. I have already told some of my family about you guys and wanted to share my story to as many people as possible so they can see for themselves what this supplement can do. On top of all of this GoGreen Hemp is one of the more affordable options that I have seen on the market so I am sticking with them for good. They also have a helping hand program which I love that gives veterans and long-term disabled individuals 20% off for life.

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