Fresh Leaf Cannoli Be One Flavored CBD E-Liquid Review

By August 28, 2017CBD Product Review

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For customers who want to take in the benefits of CBD extracts through vaping, the process of getting E-Liquids into refillable pens can often be messy and time consuming. With this in mind, Fresh Leaf has partnered with Envii Fitt to develop these convenient pods full of CBD extract. Using them is as simple as placing one pod into the device and start vaping right away.

Fresh Leaf’s CBD Pods contain the same high-quality hemp extract used in the rest of their products. The “Cannoli Be One” flavor has a sweet, vanilla-like flavor that does not affect the healing properties of CBD. From the very first vape, consumers enjoy a general sensation of calm and clarity, as well as the pain-relieving and antianxiety properties of cannabinoids.

CBD Product

Fresh Leaf Cannoli Be One Flavored CBD E-Liquid

2x50mg Pods ($21.99)

Taste and Scent

These CBD Vape Pods are infused with the “Cannoli Be One” flavor for a delicious, vanilla-like taste.


Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, CBD isolate, Sucralose and Artificial flavorings.

Any THC in this Product

Fresh Leaf’s CBD Pods contain no traces of THC.


This product is packaged in a box containing 2 CBD pods with 50mg of pure CBD each. Informative labels contain useful product information, as well as a QR code that leads to the third-party laboratory tests of that specific batch.

Origin of CBD

100% Industrial Organic Hemp

How to Use

Place one pod in the Envii Fitt Digital Vaporizer’s chamber and start vaping right away.


Fresh Leaf sends its products to addresses within the United States. While some orders qualify for Free Shipping, this can be confirmed prior to checkout.

Returns Policy

All returns must be claimed within 7 days of purchase. Returned items must be unused and in a resalable condition.


Use the code “FLNL10OFF” at checkout to get a 10% discount from the total price of your order.

Value for the money

At a price of $0.22 per milligram of CBD, this product is pricier than traditional E-Liquids and Tinctures. However, those who don’t want to deal with the mess of refillable cartridges benefit from the convenience of Fresh Leaf’s CBD pods.

CBD Extraction Process

This company’s CO2 extraction method maintains all the beneficial properties of hemp intact.


Filled with Fresh Leaf’s high-quality hemp extract, these CBD vape pods are a convenient way to take in the benefits of cannabinoids in a smooth and delicious vaping experience. While vaping usually requires customers to use E-Liquids and refillable pens, these pre-filled pods are ready to use. From the very first vape, the hemp extract provides a sensation of calm, clarity and well-being, while the “Cannoli Be One” extract gives a wonderful taste.

Fresh Leaf’s website is full of useful information about all the company’s products and the benefits of CBD as a whole. The FAQ section provides answers regarding dosage recommendations, safety concerns and information regarding the sourcing and extraction methods of the company. There is also a contact form for any additional enquiries.


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