Every Day Optimal CBD: 300 Mg CBD E-Liquid Review

By June 14, 2017CBD Product Review

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CBD can be used for a wide range of common conditions including: anxiety, cancer, leukemia, joint pain, depression, inflammation, seizures, and many others. Vaping is a convenient and recently popular way of ingesting CBD. This method is effective in managing most minor symptoms. Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid is made using organically grown; Full Spectrum  industrial Hemp.  Every day Optimal CBD third party tests all Hemp before use. Purity is a priority there are no pollutants, heavy metals or contaminants in any Every Day Optimal CBD products. Every Day Optimal CBD uses only THC free Organic Hemp plants. Some Every Day Optimal CBD customers prefer to Vape CBD over other delivery methods. When Vaping CBD the most cost effective solution is to purchase a pre-mixed E-Liquid. Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid is pre-mixed and has absolutely no nicotine. This gives you the opportunity to vape a cleaner CBD product. All you have to do is add the Everyday Optimal CBD E-Liquid to your vaporizer.

CBD Product

Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid 300mg CBD 60 ml ($39.99)

Taste and Scent

Every Day Optimal 300mg CBD E-Liquid comes in 3 flavors:

Strawberry Cream= Tastes like strawberry shortcake and smells like fresh strawberries.

Honey Melon Kush= Tastes like a fresh cut honeydew melon and smells like fruit salad.

Marshmallow Magic= Tastes like fresh marshmallow fluff and smells like candy.


Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquids are made using pure CBD isolate. The isolate is combined in a 70/30 VG/PG split.


Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid will arrive in a convenient screw top dropper bottle. The labeling and directions are very easy to read.

Origin of CBD

Pure CBD isolate

How to Use

Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid comes premixed and ready to use. Just add some CBD E-Liquid directly to your vaporizer and enjoy!


Every Day Optimal CBD does not Currently ship to: Michigan, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Packages are delivered in all other 50 states in 3-5 business days. There is no shipping on the weekends or national holidays. No international shipping is available at this time. There is package tracking available usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

Returns Policy

There is a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.


Use the code cbdhemp15 and get an instant 15% off your order!

Value for the money

Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid is very reasonably priced. This product is a great value for the money.

CBD Extraction Process

Every Day Optimal uses the process of CO2 extraction. This is a superior method which results in extremely pure CBD!

Full Spectrum

There is nothing synthetically created or genetically modified. Full Spectrum CBD means; pure CBD. After the extraction process nothing is removed from the plant material. Full Spectrum CBD Oil  leaves all the cannabinoids intact. When you Vape Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquid all the components of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil work together. This creates a very balanced feeling of well being.


People Vape Every Day Optimal  CBD E-Liquid for many reasons including: promoting relaxation, relieving stress, helping to overcome insomnia, relieving minor pain, and inflammation. If you are looking for relief of severe pain or chronic health issues Vaping CBD alone may not be effective enough. If you find this is the case; Every Day Optimal CBD offers many CBD products. There is a variety of dosages and delivery methods. At Every Day Optimal  everyone can find CBD products that give relief. This is a safe and reliable company with very attentive customer service. Everyday Optimal CBD has an extremely pure and potent line of products.

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