Difference between Hemp and Marijuana

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Both of the Hemp and Marijuana derive themselves from the “Cannabis Sativa,” which is one of the recognized species from the group of CANNABIS, a subdivision in the family of CANNABACEAE flowering plants. Cannabis Sativa is specially grown for specified industrial usage of its derived products that are further refined into textiles, animal feed, fiber, biofuel, etc. Cannabis Sativa contains THC (tetra-hydro- cannabinol), which has its uttermost effects in psychotropic and mind-altering orientation.


Lower and negligible percentage of THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol)- (0.3-0.5 %)
Higher amount of THC (5-30 %)

Has higher cannabidiol in comparison to Marijuana that combats any after-effects of the minimal amount of THC present.
Lower percentage of CBD(cannabidiol) in comparison to Hemp.


These are closely planted(As close as 3-4 inches apart)
These are grown in large plots.
Growth cycle is around 110-120 days
Can be grown in all the types of varying climates.

They are grown distantly (at least around 6 feet apart)
Can be grown in limited areas.
Growth Cycles is around 60-90 days
Marijuana needs a warm and humid atmosphere to grow.


Has industrial and non-drug usages often used as dietary supplements
Mostly cultivated for; fiber that is further used in making ropes, carpets, bags, apparels, has automotive usages and seeds that are quite rich in protein
Has medicinal and recreational purposes.
Its THC content makes this plant psychoactive and gets you the mind-altering attitude further leading you to uncertain mood transitions.


Beneficial to health, its oil has soothing effects as well
Makes you anxious and a state of paranoia expected.

So summarizing all of the above, these are distinctive renditions of the same plant – Cannabis. Marijuana is the cannabis developed as a medication (regardless of prescription, amusement, religion/most profound sense of being, or maybe Shamanism) whereas Hemp is the cannabis developed for its fiber strands, for making paper, fabric, twine, its seeds are damn rich in protein as mentioned above and many more industrial usages. Hemp doesn’t have its effect in depicting psychoactive behavior however may do it in some cases having behavioral contingents which get neutralized by high CBD content hence being different from Marijuana (however smoking it just may give individuals a migraine due to its cooling effects), so many specialists suggest avoiding such actions. Marijuana is psychoactive and creates substantially less fiber, moreover, its fiber is of low quality contrasting with hemp’s strong and structural fiber that contributes to many industrial usages that require strength. Thinking in terms of Morphology, Hemps grow 2-4 meters long and have an upright structure whereas Marijuana is shorter. Also, it is classified under the “weed” category which further has no botanical significance as this category is generally the extra self-grown plant of the same genus but unwanted and is not planted by agriculturists or anyone.

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