Stress Clinical Trial

Let me start by crunching some numbers here for you. It has been statistically shown that the stress level of almost 44% of Americans has exponentially increased in the last 5 years and amongst those 44%, ever 1 in 5 American faces a very severe form of stress which includes signs such as shivering of the body, increased heart palpitations and not to mention, depression. Increased stress not only hampers the lifestyle of an individual, but also increases the risk of a heart attack by 40% and hear stroke by 50%!

So, since this is such a big problem, why aren’t people taking a step towards it for a permanent solution? Synthetic drugs are doing their job of trying to suppress the feelings of stress but are eventually faced with a myriad of side effects in the long run.

Will CBD Help?

The answer to that are both yes and not. After very thorough and long researches, it has been very clearly established that the level of effective treatment which can be achieved through the usage of CBD in terms of Stress depends on a number of factors. Two of them being the level of exposure the Endocannabinoid system of the human body have gone through and secondly, the amount of CBD used for the treatment.

For those who are unaware, the Endocannabinoid system of the human body is the Cannabinoid receptor which is involved in everything ranging from synthesizing to the breaking down of Cannabinoid. The System consists of two receptors, CR1 and CR2. it has been seen that whenever CR1 becomes more active than CR2, CBD starts to have a negative impact on the body and promotes the feelings of Stress. Conversely, when CR2 is in action, CBD helps to significantly decrease the feelings of Stress and greatly relief the user.

Finding the right amount of balance is a very tough task for the scientist, but they are still on the pursuit to seek out the proper borderline for using CBD in treating the symptoms of excessive fear without any side effects.

While some time will still be needed to fully unlock the potential of CBD in this department, there have been some clinical trials that explicitly proved the prospective of using CBD as an alternative effective alternative to synthetic medicines for the treatment of abnormal Stress levels. While most of the tests were carried out on Mice and rodents, some trials were carried out on human subjects and they garnered exceptionally positive results.

  • A trial conducted during recently as of 2015 in the presence of the Chairman and Chairwoman of Drug Caucus during a session where the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) was present provided some very solid evidence regarding the therapeutic efficacy of CBD in terms of Anxiety reduction by experimenting on various model systems of different animals.
  • During 2011, a double blindfolded clinical trial was performed with the help of 24 volunteers, half of whom were given a 600mg dose of CBD while the other half were treated with placebo. All of these potential subjects were from the same demographic and each of them had some kind of emotional distress, including a very high tendency to stress out under pressure. After the initial treatment was done, all of them were examined through random public interactive sessions where their blood pressure, heart rate and skin conductance were tested 6 times alongside the usage of a subjective rating system using Visual Analogue Mood Scale and Negative Self-Statement Scale. The results were very promising as the ones who were in fact treated with CBD, showed almost no cognitive impairment or discomfort when dealing with the audience. Similar tests were also undertaken previously during the year of 1993 which also garnered very good results.
  • In 1993, two researches were performed by some well renowned Brazilian Scientists. Their target was to work with the abundance of Cortisol whose levels heightened when animals were put under extreme stress. When they used CBD amongst 11 volunteers, they discovered very pleasing results where they found the CBD greatly helped to lower the Cortisol level which in turn decreased the Stress levels of the test subjects in contrast to the placebo which they were given,
  • Further Evidence of this was found when a randomized double blinded test was initiated recently using 15 human subjects, of which randomly some were given a 600mg dose of CBD while the other received a placebo. It appeared that CBD seemed to significantly reduce the level of stress when compared to a 10mg does of Delta 9 – THC. CBD seemed to initiate the other receptors such as 5HT1A, including CB2 and TRPV1 both of which were anxiolytic (Stress reducing) response centers. This was very substantial experiment which is holding itself as being the most concrete evidence, supporting the effectiveness of CBD in reducing stress.