Pain Clinical Trial

CBD Clinical Trial

There are roughly 100 million people in the USA who suffer from chronic pain, that is approximately 31% of the population. Chronic pain is defined by medium to long term pain ranging from 3 months or longer since onset of initial pain. Obviously pain represents a huge problem for the global community to deal with. Also many people suffer from short term pain such as back pain. CBD offers them a chance to potentially virtually eliminate the pain and or reduce the time they experience with the pain.

For people with severe pain it is vital to be able to reduce the pain level as living life with long term pain is extremely undesirable. The problem is often prescription pain medication is addictive and can have substantial negative side effects.

CBD offers hope for those who are desperately trying to reduce the level of pain they are experiencing. This is a chance to try taking natural, non prescription medication that has virtually no side effects and is non addictive. There is also the option of taking THC to reduce pain however this can be addictive and can have other negative side effects. So people who are experiencing mild to moderate pain may like to take just CBD. For people with moderate to severe pain may like to take a combination of THC and CBD. THC has often been used to reduce pain, however many people do not realize that CBD can also be effective.

In reality it is a matter of seeing what works for you and experiment with the dosage. It is virtually impossible to overdose with CBD and it can be quite easy to overdose with THC.

How does CBD reduce Pain?

CBD is a phytocannabinoid (natural plant chemical which is capable of interacting with the bodies endocannabinoid system). To put this into simple terms CBD is a natural chemical which influences the brain by interacting with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.
The endocannabinoid system has broad influence over areas of the brain involved in sensations such as pain perception, movement, emotion, cognition, and sleep. So the endocnnabinoid system controls pain and CBD influences this system which controls pain.

Now you are probably asking yourself but does CBD influence the endocannbinoid system in a positive enough way to make a noticeable reduction in the level of pain that you feel. Well the great news is that the clinical trials show it does reduce pain substantially.

Results from CBD Clinical Trial on Pain Management

Endexx on the 20th April, 2016 has announced a doctor supervised, clinical study to test CBD capsules for patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

Dr. Martin Pressman, DPM in New Haven, Connecticut, Dr. Daniel Brandwein, DPM in Weston, Florida, Dr. Michael Horwitz, DPM and Dr. Daniel Kiddy, DPM, both in St Louis, Missouri will enroll twenty patients into four groups, for a one month study using CBD enriched capsules to evaluate neuropathic pain reduction.

This study is an extension of the work conducted by Dr. Kiddy with his patients and a follow up of Dr. Brandwein’s research that demonstrated an average pain reduction after 2 weeks of usage from 7 to 8 down to 3 to 4 on a pain scale of 1 to 10, using 4 to 5 drops of CBD-rich hemp oil twice a day. So reducing pain by roughly 50% shows that CBD can reduce pain for many people. It may be that a combination of THC and CBD at the right doses may also be an effective way to reduce pain to lower levels. We think it is up to the patients to try different levels of medication and the great thing is you do not have to worry about overdosing on THC. Even if you do take too much it unlikely that you would experience any considerable negative side effects.

Dr. Brandwein stated, “I am very excited about the upcoming new trial where we can follow the information even closer. I also believe that in a capsule form, patients will be more compliant and have better results. In some cases, my patients have decreased and discontinued their usage of Neurontin and Gabapentin.”

We also think this is very exciting news. If you can decrease or replace your prescription medication with a natural supplement then that is good for your overall health. CBD has less side effects and is a natural supplement full of Terpenoids, Essential Oils and Antioxidants.