Cancer Clinical Trial

Cancer Clinical Trial
CBD Clinical Trial

Cancer is already an extremely deadly and dangerous disease that affects thousands if not millions of people world-wide. While there are different kinds of Cancers, the thing which they have all in common is that most of them are at this moment incurable through synthetic medicines.

Perhaps one of the more deadly type of Cancer, is the one which affects the Brain. At the time of writing, in the US alone, malignant and non-malignant brain tumors stood at about 368,117 incident out of 100,000 individuals. Alternatively, it has been estimated as well that from birth, any given US citizen has a 0.62% chance of being diagnosed by brain cancer.

The Brief Insight Into CBD

To fully understand the depths of the clinical Trials, you should know a little bit about CBD in the first place. First and foremost, I would like to eliminate the confusion about Marijuana being a recreational drug. Yes, Marijuana is psychoactive, but there much more to it. Marijuana herbs are comprised of more than 80 different strains from all of those, two strains always steal the limelight, namely CBD and THC. THC is the stain of Marijuana that induces the psychoactive properties, CBD on the other hand is the strain that mostly used for treatment. This strain holds all the health benefits minus the psychoactive properties!

For those of you who don’t know about Brain Cancer.

You should know that whenever the Brain is affected by Cancer,the Brain starts to develop malignant cell from within the brain. Here, the central nervous system of the brain which controls the most vital functions of the body including speech, movement, though , feelings, memory and any other cognitive functions. And these malignant cells turn into tumors.

Brain Cancers are divided into two categories.

  • Primary Brain Tumors are classified by the type of cell or tissues the tumor affects. These tumors can travel short distances inside the brain, but their travel distances are typically limited to inside of the brain.
  • Alternatively, whenever a cancer is developed outside of the brain and spreads into the brain. It is called a secondary brain tumor

Either way, both of these are extremely dangerous and up until now, the means of curing them involved undergoing extensively painful chemotherapeutic procedures. However, with the advancements in medical treatment using Cannabis, it is now possible to greatly help patients of Brain Cancer.

How Cannabis Is Helping Your Brain Cancer

The process through which CBD and THC is working together in order to tackle the Brain Cancer Cell is not as simple. Because as it turns out, that there are multiple ways through which THC alongside a plethora of other cannabinoid compounds are working to cut off the tumor’s blood supply and cause the cancer cells to commit suicide.

  • The first way through which Cannabis works is by starving the tumor cells off. The way Cannabis works in this terms in by affecting genes that help to produce a compound known as VEGF which is an abbreviated form of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. This particular compound greatly helps to encourage the growth of new blood vessels. What this does it deprive the blood vessels that supply the tumor cells and prevent their growth by starving them off the blood vessels supplying them.
  • Aside from actually preventing tumor growth, Marijuana compounds also helps force the tumor cells to self-destruct. This process takes place following two processes apoptosis and autophagy. Both of these processes are required to kill of old and damaged cells, at least this works in normal cells. But for some reason, Cancer Cells don’t self-destruct. What THC helps to do is force the cancer cells to kill themselves off, or in other words undergo autophagy.

Clinical Trials

  • A Spanish group of researchers led by Professor Guillermo Velsasco and Manuel Guzman ran an experiment where they were able to establish that Cannabinoid treatment is able to kill almost 80% of Gilioma Cancer Cells.
  • Another research done by Dr.Velasco during the year 2000 shocked the researchers as they discovered that upon applying extracted THC to gliblastoma Cells, the tumor cells didn’t only began to grow, but eventually they were killed.
  • In 2004, a compound was discovered which was produced by cannabis that alters genes known as VEGF which stood for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor that was found to greatly limit and even halt the growth of tumors
  • The same team led by Dr. Velasco also discovered a groundbreaking mechanism which allow cannabinoids to activate a signaling pathway that involves a process call autophagy which influences the cancer cells to eat themselves (auto Digest)
  • In August 2011, an event known only as the “miracle baby” was recorded by Doctor Courtney who studied an 8 months ear old child who had brain cancer. Upon treating the baby with Cannabinoid oil, the baby saw a drastic improvement in her conditions within just 8 months.