Anxiety Clinical Trial

Anxiety is slowly turning into a psychological disorder at a global scale which at this moment is affecting almost 40 million citizens in the United States alone! That is not something that can be ignored as specifically speaking, that number sums up to being about 18% of the total population of US.

From a financial standpoint, this is not heeding well for the country either, as it has been estimated that around 42$ billion an year, which is roughly 1/3rd of the country’s total capital, is used up when following the traditional allopathic and synthetic forms of treatment which mostly leads no permanent solution.

For patients who are suffering from the adverse medical conditions that are accompanied by the uncontrollable surge of anxiety, CBD or Medicinal Marijuana is slowly beginning to stack up to them as being a new source of hope across the horizon.

Understanding CBD

First let me take a moment to clear off the very common misconception that plagues mankind which forces them to believe that Marijuana can only be used for recreational purposes. They are, as a matter of fact dead wrong. A regular Marijuana strand is compose of more than 80 different compounds, each with their own attributes, but the two that mostly comes to the spotlight are CBD and THC. The latter is the compound responsible mostly for the euphoric feelings as that strain is highly psychoactive, but CBD in contrast is the biologically active and non-psychoactive strand which has the potential to be used for the treatment of hundreds of potential disease.

How Is CBD helping Anxiety Patients?

When considering the treatment of Anxiety through the usage of medicinal Marijuana, researches have been baffled multiple times because throughout their studies, they found out that while in many cases the usage of Marijuana effectively helps to suppress the side effects of Anxiety; at the same time it also tends to increase them feelings exponentially later on.

It was found that the problem was that they were only focusing on just a single strain for the treatment while a good anxiety killer required the perfect balance of both THC and CBD.

CBD and THC aren’t exactly the best of friends and they generally work at opposite directions when it comes to Anxiety treatment. THC helps to encourage the feelings the paranoia and anxiety after its application, it activates the amygdala of the cranial system, or particularly the brain. When an overdose of these feelings are sensed, CBD then comes into action to tackle the mental state induced by THC, altogether brining down or even completely deteriorating the sensation of anxiety. Scientists are still trying to establish a common ground when it comes to the right balance, but some clinical trials has gone to great lengths to prove that the usage of CBD is in fact very much favorable to tackle Anxiety.

Summary of Clinical Trials

  • More than 400 years ago, cannabis was used to treat depression and stress relief in India. Specifically, CBD-rich medical marijuana has a long history of being used to treat health problems, including anxiety. The drug’s popularity as a medicine spread through Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Ancient physicians prescribed marijuana for everything – pain relief and even childbirth.
  • In the 18th Century, American journals began recommending hemp seeds and roots to treat inflamed skin and venereal disease. Queen Victoria used cannabis to help discomfort for menstrual cramps. An Irish doctor, William O’Shaughnessy, first popularized marijuana’s medical use in England and America. He found it to ease the pain and discomfort for nausea in cases of rabies, cholera and tetanus.
  • In 1998, the British government licensed GW Pharmaceuticals to grow cannabis and develop a consistent plant to extract use for clinical trials. GW’s co-founder Geoffrey Guy, MD, was convinced that by using CBD-rich plants, GW could make medicine of cannabis that had little or no psychoactive effect.
  • Another trial which was done most recently by a group of Brazilian Scientists, involved the participation of 10 people who were diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder. Half of these people were given placebo and half of them were given CBD Oil. The results clearly indicated that the group which was receiving the 400mg of CBD Oil showed significant improvements the reduction of anxiety. The anxiolytic effect of CBD was further proved when the blood flow to the brain was analyzed giving solid reports in the decrease of Anxiety symptoms.