ADHD Clinical Trial

I have ADHD and have used Strattera (Concentration) and Estulic (Hypertension) medication which was prescribed by my psychiatrist. I have also used CBD oil and prefer this natural medication over conventional stimulant medication which has been manufactured by a chemist in a lab. To be honest I do not exactly know what the chemicals are in my prescription medication or the long term effects of taking this medication.

The prescription medication is not bad and has definitely improved my life. However I do find I end up sometimes have sore kidneys. I assume this is is a sign my kidneys are working hard to process the medication. Also I have noticed that I am now slightly immune to the medication which is now less effective.

So I thought I would try CBD oil and was so impressed by the results I was inspired to develop the website with my business partner. He has anxiety and sleep issues, he has also benefited from CBD oil. Therefore we are passionate about helping others to be able to purchase strong CBD supplements that are of the highest quality.

The reality is I am happier person when I take CBD and my kidneys do not hurt anymore. I think natural medication like CBD is less taxing on the body. Sometimes natural remedies do not really produce tangible results, but I can honestly say CBD really works. They key is to buy strong CBD products, many companies sell low concentrated CBD which may not really improve your health. It all comes down to dosage and it is almost impossible to overdose on CBD.

If you have ADHD you may also benefit from visiting and this Facebook page Clinical Trials for ADHD.

There was a clinical trial in London using an almost equal combination of CBD and THC for a drug called Sativex Oromucosal Spray. The clinical trial began on September 2014, if you would like to find out more details on the medical trial click here. The reality is CBD by itself or a combination of THA and CBD may be optimal for your needs. You just need to be careful not to overdose on THC and it is also illegal in many places in the world. CBD is legal in far more places than THC and has less negative side effects.

Summary of the Cannabinoids and ADHD Medical Trial

  • It is really difficult to find the results on this medical trial but I did find some information on this site.
  • Almost equal concentration of THC and CBD in the spray which are the two Main chemicals in Cannabis.
  • “The study was conducted on the premise that “Adult patients with ADHD commonly report an improvement in behavioural symptoms when using cannabis with some reporting a preference towards cannabis over their ADHD stimulant medication.”
  • A full clinical trial is necessary but the results are encouraging in terms of cannabis being an effective medicine for those with ADHD.
  • 15 people took Sativex and 15 were on placebo.
  • These are the preliminary findings from Professor Asherson.
  • Significant improvements in hyperactivity-impulsivity.
  • Non significant trends for inattention, affective lability and cognitive performance.
  • Are the positive effects from CBD and side effects from THC?
  • t would be beneficial to test THC and CBD separately to see what effects each of these chemicals has on people with ADHD.
  • Cognitive performance increased and did not decline which is key.
  • A detailed report is currently being prepared (we will update you when it is available).
  • It appears that the scientists are making positive steps to proving cannabis effectively treats ADHD.
  • Dosage is the key, otherwise the medication may produce negative rather than positive results.
  • Hopefully this study is one small step towards medical marijuana being legalized for those with ADD and ADHD.