CBDISTILLERY CBD Vape Pen – Grape, Grand Daddy Purp, Lavender Vanilla, Strawberry Lemonade and GG#4 Flavors (200mg) Review

By August 8, 2018CBD Product Review
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CBDISTILLERY CBD Vape Pen – Various Flavors (200mg)








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With a groundbreaking technology and a new formulation, CBDistillery’s Vaping Pens are a wonderful option for CBD consumers who enjoy trying out new flavors. Unlike similar products containing MTC as a cutting agent, CBDistillery’s technology uses ABSTRAC TEC oil. TEC is an organic agent recognized as safe by the FDA which provides a smoother and safer vaping experience to customers.

The hemp used in this product comes from a farm in the state of Colorado and is free of Pesticides and GMO. Customers can choose between five different flavors which all bring the same sense of clarity, calm, peace and general well-being that CBD is famous for. With a stylish design, these disposable pens contain 200mg of vaping oil.

CBD Product


Grape ($25.00) – Buy Now

Grand Daddy Purp ($28.00) – Buy Now

Lavender Vanilla ($25.00) – Buy Now

GG#4 ($28.00) – Buy Now

Strawberry Lemonade ($25.00) – Buy Now

Taste and Scent

These vape pens come in five wonderful flavors to choose from.


Industrial Hemp Extract, ABSTRAX Tec Oil, Natural Flavorings.

Any THC in this Product

CBD Vape Pens contain THC levels below the .3% federal limit.


This product consists of a disposable 200mg vape pen with a plastic cap.

Origin of CBD

100% Industrial Hemp.

How to Use

These CBD vape pens are ready to use and require no prior preparation.


CBDistillery provides free shipping on orders over $75.00. All packages are shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed and arrive to their destination within 3-5 business days. No international shipping is available at the time.

Returns Policy

Unopened products can be returned within 7 days of their delivery for a full refund.


Use the code ALLCBD10 to Get 10% off your order

A permanent 10% discount is available for Soldiers and Veterans.

Value for the money

With prices of $25 and $28, these vape pens are more expensive than similar products in the market. However, the ABSTRAX Tec oil is an innovative cutting agent that adds safety and smoothness to the vaping experience, making it well worth the extra money.

CBD Extraction Process

The CBD oil contained in these Vape Pens is extracted using a CO2 method.


CBDistillery Vape Pens are perfect for those who like to consume all the beneficial properties of CBD while enjoying a smooth vaping experience. With five flavors to choose from, pens can be ordered to suit each personal taste. The industrial hemp used to produce the vaping oil contains no GMO and is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

The main advantage of CBDistillery Vape Pens over those from competing companies is the use of TEC oil instead of MTC to provide increased safety and taste. Although this product is a bit pricey, you can enjoy free shipping when buying at least 3 vape pens or otherwise spending a minimum $75.00 in your order.

The CBDistillery website is very informative. By browsing the FAQs section, you can find everything about the company’s products including third party lab tests and other CBD-related information. Furthermore, there is a contact section available for additional enquiries.

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