CBD With and Without THC

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Ratios of CBD and THC found in different cannabis products are a hot topic right now. Combining these two cannabinoids in specific proportions can result in a completely different experience and fine-tune the benefits depending on the consumer’s needs.

Understanding THC and CBD Ratios

In the infancy of CBD research, there are generally up to three different ratios. The first is 1:0 ratio THC to CBD i.e. very little CBD, very high THC. This combination is for the recreational consumer, popular with those who are looking for psychoactive relief.

The second we can find is a 1:1 ratio, which is perhaps the best of both worlds. This combination is almost like a hybrid. You are going to get the physical symptom relief from the CBD and the cerebral effects or mental symptom relief from the THC.

The third popular ratio is 0:1 ratio of THC to CBD, which will be as low THC as possible and as high in CBD as possible. This combination is often found in the many retail supplements that are now freely available and is usually extracted from the hemp plant. However, there are now cannabis strains entering the market with very low THC, very high CBD.

CBD and THC ratios in Cannabis Strains

In terms of the natural ratios found in different cannabis strains, Sativa is generally defined by having a high THC and a low CBD ratio. And Indica will typically have more CBD as well as a THC. As you raise CBD levels, you are getting less of that cerebral effect associated with being ‘high.’

Any supplement or strain high in THC is psychoactive and may be legally prohibited in certain countries. High CBD, low THC combinations are the ratio preferred for medical uses and for those who do not want to get high.

How To Find Your ‘Right’ Ratio

Although THC is also used for its medical benefits, many people need to function on a higher level due to work or simply do not want to have any inhibition mentally while the are going about their day.

But these people still need relief from whatever symptoms they have, whether it be pain symptoms or if they want to take the edge off and deal with stress better.

With high CBD ratios, you will also benefit from more of a relaxing body effect, as you phase out the THC, it is possible to diminish the psychoactive effects completely.

The Future of CBD?

The future of marijuana is likely to involve extracting different cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, then combining them into products with precise ratios for various symptoms or producing different desired effects.

These products won’t necessarily need to have medical applications or to be for treating a specific symptom or an ailment. It may just be that someone wants to feel a certain way. Maybe they simply want to be more uninhibited, feel relaxed, or are looking for general stress relief.

As the science behind this fascinating family of plants continues to make progress, it is likely to open up a world of possibilities for the recreational consumer and medical patient alike.

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