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Verified CBD Oil 500mg to 1500mg CBD Review

Brand : Verified CBD

Verified CBD Oil Tincture (500mg to 1000mg CBD)
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Verified CBD offers a very potent product. How? All hemp used to manufacture Verified CBD is grown on a hemp farm in Kentucky, using only 100% organic Non GMO methods. The hemp crop is harvested and all plant matter is transported to Florida Where the Verified CBD Factory is located. Upon arrival the plants are put through quality and purity testing for pesticides and heavy metals.

Unlike competitors who choose to use plant matter sometimes only having a 17% purity, Verified CBD chooses to only use plants with a purity of 80% or better. This is what gives Verified CBD the ability to manufacture a superior more potent product.

Choose from the following 3 CBD Oils which all have a natural flavor:

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750 mg CBD Oil, 1oz ($67.95) -->Buy This Product
1500mg CBD Oil, 1oz ($129.95) -->Buy This Product

Find out more about the "Verified CBD"

Taste and Scent
When you take a dose you may need a drink handy as this oil has a very potent natural flavor. The smell is not overpowering.

CBG, CBN, CBC, CBD, terpenes, phenols, and flavonoids make this a full spectrum oil. All derived from organic non GMO USA grown hemp.

The labels are impressive and directions easy to understand.

Origin of CBD
100% USA grown hemp plants.

How to Use
20 drops under the tongue gives you 30mg of CBD. This oil can also be vaped. Experiment on what dose works for you. Take 2-3 times per day or when needed. Do not forget to hold it under your tongue for at least 90 seconds before rinsing your mouth. This helps you absorb the most you can from the oil.

Free worldwide shipping. Shipping is done Monday to Friday. In the USA you can expect to receive your products in 7 to 10 business days. International shipping takes a bit longer and your order should arrive in 2 to 5 weeks. Please rest assured that the wait is well worth it.

Returns Policy
30 days no questions asked. After 30 days no refunds or exchanges can be given.

Use the code “CBDHempReview10” before completing the purchase to receive a 10% discount on the final price of your products.

Value for the money
For a full spectrum product it is definitely not bad value. Although it is a little more expensive than comparable products.

CBD Extraction Process
To produce the isolate in Verified CBD the CO2 extraction method is used, crystal precipitation methods are also utilized. Experts in manufacturing create the most potent and solvent free product they possibly can. The methods used by Verified CBD results in an almost 99% pure isolate. This isolate is then used in the creation of all Verified CBD products.

Full Spectrum
Unlike synthetically created or genetically modified cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD oil means PURE CBD oil. Full Spectrum oil leaves all the cannabinoids intact that the plants contained when they were originally harvested. Manufacturing a pure CBD oil supplement helps the cannabinoids work together and boost each other’s effectiveness.

Verified CBD has an “entourage effect” with all components of the oil working in harmony to create a very balanced felling.

Verified CBD offers a wide range of very pure and potent products. Honestly there seems to be a product for everyone. Verified CBD offers tinctures, capsules, sprays, muscle rubs and even dog treats. These products are made to cover a wide array of different complaints ranging from help with weight loss to assisting you in achieving a night of sound sleep.

This company has found a way to create a broad line of superior CBD products. In my opinion Verified CBD is a very reputable company with very good quality line of products. If you are looking to try CBD this company is a good place for you to start your journey.

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