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Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats (125 mg) Review

Brand : Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats - Wellness
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The aging process of cats and other household pets is not too different from that of humans; their immune system, mobility and overall strength are slowly damaged throughout the years and some regular activities become tiring and sometimes painful. For those cat owners who want to give their furry friends a boost of energy and health, Honest Paws CBD Oil is an extraordinary option.

All Honest Paws products are made from pure organic hemp grown in Colorado. This oil contains not only 125 milligrams of cannabidiol but also a wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, which work together to restore the balance of your cat’s endocannabinoid system and help them feel healthy and energetic.

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Taste and Scent
This CBD oil does not contain any artificial flavorings, maintaining the natural taste of raw hemp oil.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, MCT Oil.

Any THC in this Product
All Honest Paws products are free of THC, making their consumption safe and legal across the United States.

This CBD oil comes in a small crystal bottle with a screw-on dropper for an easier dosage and administration. Each bottle has a clearly printed label with a list of ingredients, information on the CBD concentration and general usage directions.

Origin of CBD
High quality cannabidiol from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado.

How to Use
These tinctures can be administered orally or added to the food or water source of your furry friend. While a couple of drops a day are usually enough, it is always recommended to seek advice from your veterinarian to determine the optimal amount of CBD for your cat’s weight and age.

Honest Paws delivers its orders by USPS and DHL. Customers can choose between the Standard Shipping (2 – 6 business days) and the 2 – Day Express Shipping. All orders above $40 are eligible for free standard shipping. Honest Paws is able to send its products to most addresses in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. International shipping is not available at the moment.

Returns Policy
This company has a generous 30 day money back guarantee. Customers who would like to request refunds or exchanges are requested to contact Honest Paws’ customer service representatives at 1-844-729-7790.

Use the code “CBD15LIFE” before completing the purchase to receive a 15% discount on the final price of your order.

Value for the money
At $0.32 per milligram of cannabidiol, Honest Paws’ CBD Oil for Cats is an affordable product that can last long and have a significant positive effect on your cat’s life. This company is known for its commitment to quality and consistency, being the go-to brand for hundreds of pet owners from across the country.

CBD Extraction Process
This company uses a Supercritical CO2 extraction process which pulls out cannabidiol from the hemp plant using pressurized carbon dioxide. This leads to a clean and pure CBD extract without any traces of THC or harmful chemicals, but with a wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

Made with Honest Paws’ well-known quality standards and only premium ingredients, this CBD Oil for cats can be a useful aide in slowing down the deterioration of your feline fruend’s health throughout the years. A couple of drops a day can relieve the symptoms of physical and neurological disorders in a natural and effective way.

Honest Paws is committed to providing solutions for your pet’s health, basing its entire production in the principles of honesty, quality and consistency. Apart from relieving the symptoms of pre-existing medical conditions, this company formulates its products to prevent ailments or a painful aging process. The “About Us” section of their website gives further insight into the mission and values of its owners.

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