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CBDISTILLERY Broad Spectrum CBD Wax (1g 80% CBD) Review

Brand : CBDistillery

Product is not up to date. Try related products

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Product is not up to date. Try related products

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For regular consumers, dabbing is one of the most effective and pure ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. CBDistillery has developed a brand-new dabbing wax with a mixture of CBD and CBG made from pure high-quality hemp. This product provides an almost immediate sense of calm and relief and is a great alternative for less concentrated methods of CBD consumption.

All the hemp used for the production of this dabbing wax is sourced domestically and contains no THC, GMO, pesticides or harmful chemicals.

CBDISTILLERY 80% Broad Spectrum CBD Wax

1g tin ($50.00)

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Taste and Scent
This dabbing wax has a mild, natural taste.

THC removed broad spectrum hemp oil.

Any THC in this Product
This Broad-Spectrum CBD Wax contains no THC.

This product comes in a tiny 1-gram tin with screw top lid. Informative labels are clearly printed and easy to read.

Origin of CBD
100% Industrial Hemp.

How to Use
This CBD wax is designed for dabbing.

CBDistillery provides free shipping on domestic orders over $75.00. Packages are sent within 24 hours of the order being placed and arrive to their destination within 3-5 business days. No international shipping is available at the time.

Returns Policy
Unopened products can be returned within 7 days of their delivery for a full refund.

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Value for the money
$50.00 is an average market price for a gram of dabbing wax. Made with high-quality industrial hemp, this product offers a good value for money given its pureness and high concentration.

CBD Extraction Process
The CBD oil used to produce this wax is extracted using a CO2 method.

CBDistillery’s Dabbing Wax is one of the purest forms of CBD in the market. It provides a clean and effective way to enjoy the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This is an entirely legal, safe and THC-free product that contains no GMO, pesticides or harmful chemicals.

CBDistillery’s website is full of information and details about all the products from the company. You can find anything from usage recommendations to third party lab tests and other CBD-related information. At the bottom right, there is a contact section in case you have any question before or after placing an order.

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