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Cannabidiol Life CBD Bath Bomb (100mg CBD) Review


Cannabidiol Life CBD Bath Bomb (100mg CBD)
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With Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Bath Bombs, you can end a stressful day with the most energizing and relaxing bath. This product contains 100 milligrams of pure CBD, which is absorbed into the body through the skin. Not only will you get all the well-known benefits of cannabidiol, but also the delicious aroma of almond extract and other essential oils.

The best way for you to enjoy these soothing bath bombs is to fill up your tub with warm water, play some relaxing music and lay down for at least 40 minutes. You will feel how the stress and anxiety goes away, as well as any minor joint pains or aches you might feel. As it does not contain any THC, this product is safe and legal across all 50 states of the U.S.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Bath Bomb

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Taste and Scent
This Bath Bomb contains natural ingredients such as almond extract and organic essential oils with provide a wonderful scent.

Cannabidiol, Epson Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, 100% Natural Vegetable-Based Food Coloring, 100% Organic Essential Oils.

Any THC in this Product
This product contains THC levels below the 0.3% federal limit.

These bath bombs come in individual plastic packaging with an informative label containing a list of ingredients and usage directions.

Origin of CBD
100% Industrial Hemp

How to Use
Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop one CBD bomb inside and slowly immerse your body. Stay in the water for at least 40 minutes to allow your body to absorb the whole range of beneficial components that CBD has to offer.

Cannabidiol Life products are delivered to addresses within the United States. The company ships all items within 1-2 business days after the reception and acceptance of each order. Delivery is carried out by the United States Postal Service, and each pack can be tracked through USPS´s website.

Returns Policy
This company provides a 30-day money back guarantee for any product which seems to be faulty or arrives damaged to its destination. To apply for a full refund, customers must make sure that the product has not been opened, used or consumed.

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Value for the money
While $9.99 might seem pricy for a regular bath bomb, this product works out at just $0.10 per milligram of cannabidiol, which is a very good deal in the market of CBD products.

CBD Extraction Process
Cannabidiol Life uses a Supercritical COextraction process which does not require any additives and uses more than 3,000 lbs. of pressure to extract all the beneficial components of the hemp plant without using heat or artificial ingredients.

Containing 100 milligrams of pure cannabidiol and delicious organic essential oils, Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect way to end your day. This product is great for personal use, but it can also be given as a gift which will be truly appreciated by anyone suffering from anxiety, stress and other common ailments.

Cannabidiol Life´s website contains a great amount of information regarding both the company’s products and informative articles on the CBD world in general. Anyone can access the “Our Reviews” section to watch short videos of testimonials from satisfied customers all over the U.S.

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