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By September 23, 2019Brand Review

CBD Pure is a renowned cannabidiol company based in the United States and with a strong presence in Canada and the United Kingdom. This brand was founded in 2016 and has quickly grown into a leader of the American cannabidiol industry. Since its beginnings, CBDPure´s mission has been to make the highest-quality CBD oil available in the market.

Unlike other cannabidiol companies, CBD Pure offers a 90-day money back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction above all. This online CBD store uses only organic hemp grown outdoors in the state of Colorado.

Popular Products:

Unlike other CBD companies, CBDPure.com specializes in two products: Full-Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Softgels. Regardless of whether you enjoy the taste and effect of sublingual tinctures or prefer a more discreet consumption method, CBD Pure has a perfect product.

You can read a detailed description of their products here:

About the Company:

Although CBDPure has only been in the market for a few years, its team of experts has driven the company to success by prioritizing quality and following the strictest standards in the industry. This brand works hand by hand with local farms and vendors, relying on traditional growing techniques and avoiding the use of pesticides or artificial chemicals at any step of the manufacturing process.

All CBD Pure products are made with only two natural ingredients: high potency cannabidiol and unprocessed hemp oil. This company does not use isolates, and all the items at their online shop are full-spectrum extracts. A careful selection process takes place right after harvesting their organic hemp plants, leaving only those strains with the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

With an informative website and a friendly staff, CBD Pure has earned the positive reviews of hundreds of customers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Hemp Origin

CBDPure.com products are made using organic hemp plants grown outdoors in the state of Colorado. A rigorous selection process and third-party laboratory tests are used to ensure the purity of their extracts and to guarantee their effectiveness.

Quality Standards

While CBD brands are still unable to be certified by the FDA, CBD Pure ensures the quality of their products by following the best manufacturing practices in the industry, which include:

  • Carrying out soil tests to rule out any toxins and chemicals.
  • Using only natural, non-GMO hemp seeds.
  • Growing hemp plants without the use of pesticides or herbicides.
  • Extracting CBD oil using clean CO2 techniques.

A dedicated section of the company´s website is available for customers to access the laboratory results of their product´s batch. All final products are tested at independent third-party laboratories.

Extraction Methods

An important part of CBDPure´s commitment to quality is their use of only clean extraction methods. This company extracts its CBD oil using a Supercritical CO2 technique which relies on pressurized carbon dioxide to isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant.

Although CO2 extraction is expensive, it is considered the cleanest and most effective method to obtain high-quality cannabidiol extracts. Furthermore, it has also been recognized as an environmentally friendly alternative to other processes that rely on aggressive solvents and chemicals.

To obtain its hemp seed carrier oil, CBD Pure uses the ancient cold-pressing technique. This process is entirely mechanical and does not involve any artificial ingredients or solvents.


CBDPure.com ships its products to addresses within the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Orders take 1-2 business days to be processed, while domestic deliveries are usually fulfilled within 3-7 business days. This company sends its products using the United States Postal Service and UPS as its preferred couriers, with customers receiving a tracking number immediately after their order is processed.

Customer Service and Refunds Policy

CBD Pure´s refunds policy is one of the many characteristics that set this company apart from its competition. After completing their order, users can benefit from a 90-day money back guarantee. As customer satisfaction is the top priority for this CBD store, anyone who does not experience the expected benefits or is not happy with the results of any CBDPure product can simply send their order back and receive a refund of its purchase price.

While refunds are processed immediately after the reception of the returned order, the funds can take up to 1-2 weeks to be reimbursed into the original payment method. Products are always reimbursed at their purchase price, including those ordered with the use of a discount code or a promotion scheme.

What People Say

At the “Success Stories” section of the company´s website, CBD Pure customers can express their opinions and give advice to new potential users. The reviews are generally positive and give a useful insight on the many health conditions CBD Pure products can help with.

Apart from the products’ effectiveness, CBD Pure Reviews agree that this company´s commitment to user satisfaction translates into their approach to customer service. Anyone can either email or call one of their representatives before of after placing an order to know more about the company or have more details about their products, refunds policy, shipping options and more.

Discounts and Special Deals

Use the coupon code “15PERCENT” at checkout to get 15% off the total price of your order.


Using only high-quality organic hemp plants, CBDPure has managed to grow from a small company in 2016 to one of the leading CBD brands in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom by 2019. All the company´s products are made using good manufacturing practices and clean extraction methods, with customer satisfaction being their main priority.

While the catalogue of this online CBD store does not boast a wide range of products, their Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Softgels are among the best you will find in the market. Furthermore, a 90-day money back guarantee is included with every order, allowing customers to return any product that does not meet their expectations of quality or effectiveness.


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