CBD Oil For Dogs in 2020

CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD is a cannabinoid or chemical compound contained in many plants, including hemp and marijuana. Studies say it has significant medical benefits. CBD is now being used to treat various health and wellness issues, from sleep disorders to anxiety.
While it may help humans, can CBD oil help your dog, too?

What to Know About CBD Oil

CBD oil is an increasingly popular way to treat anxiety in dogs, such as traveling or separation issues. Evidence is also showing that CBD can be useful in treating animals suffering from arthritis and nerve pain.

CBD is a natural supplement that comes in many forms. For pets, it is usually manufactured as a chewable treat or liquid oil. You can find it in a wide variety of pet stores and also online, both from people who produce independently and from larger retailers.

You don’t have to be concerned about your dog getting ‘high’ because there’s very little to no THC in pure CBD products, which is the element of marijuana that has psychoactive or addictive effects.

What do Vets Say About CBD?

A lot of traditional veterinarians would never recommend CBD oil for pets. But some veterinarians say CBD has healing properties without the potential harm of conventional pharmaceuticals, which can cause stomach upset, kidney, or liver damage. Some pets are unable to handle the harsher side effects of some of those medications.

In some cases, based on the clinical trials that have been carried out on human patients, CBD may be useful in managing specific conditions of the gastrointestinal tract as well as other types of inflammatory conditions that are also present in our pets.

We recommend that when people are seriously considering using CBD, they talk to a vet first. And always look for a product that has gone through a variety of testing to make sure it contains nothing harmful.

What’s the Correct Dosage?

One of the benefits that we see with CBD, both on the human side of things, and for dogs, is that it’s very hard to overdose. The risks are quite small.

It’s rare that we’re going to come across a one size fits all dosing strategy because it just doesn’t exist. To make sure you’re giving your dog the correct amount, a consultation with a professional who has the background to understand some of the complications and concerns that one could associate with the use of CBD is always recommended.

Can CBD Help Your Dog?

CBD for dogs and other pets has enormous business potential. There’s already a multi-billion dollar pet pharmaceutical industry that continues to grow.

CBD oil for pets is certainly a non-traditional healing method from an unlikely source. Some veterinarians believe there isn’t enough data to show that CBD is safe for animals.

While CBD oil has already been approved in several countries for humans, CBD pet products are still mostly unregulated, and many international veterinary associations say that they are legally prohibited from prescribing or even recommending them.

But if CBD oil can offer a potential therapeutic role for our animal companion with minimal side effects, then it’s our duty to explore those options.

Due to its calming and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has the potential of relieving the symptoms of some of the most common health conditions among dogs, cats and other household animals. A good example of this is anxiety, which dogs experience during long road trips, thunderstorms of firework events. When given CBD oil or a cannabidiol-infused treat, their nervous system calms down and their stress and anxiety go away.

Another common condition for which CBD is recommended is arthritis. While you might have thought that this was a disorder that affected humans mostly, the fact is that canines suffer from it as much as we do. Taking a daily dose of cannabidiol has proven to be effective in reducing the pain and lack of mobility caused by arthritis in dogs. While scientific research is still underway, there have been successful trials in which dogs of several breeds suffering from this disorder have shown a positive response after taking CBD.

Finally, scientific studies carried out by the State University of Colorado have proven the fact that regular CBD consumption is able to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in dogs suffering from epilepsy and other related disorders. More specifically, these researchers found a clear correlation between a reduction in the frequency of seizures and the amount of CBD in the dogs’ blood. As epilepsy is believed to affect more than 5% of the world’s pet dogs, finding a natural remedy that does not cause any secondary effects is certainly an important development.

What is the Best Way to Give CBD Oil to my Dog?

Sublingual CBD tinctures are the most common consumption method for humans taking cannabidiol. However, giving a dog or any other household animal a drop of CBD oil and expecting them to hold it under their tongue for a couple of seconds is just as hard as it sounds. Therefore, advocates of CBD products for pets have developed a wide range of products designed specifically for dogs to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without these practical issues.

Perhaps the most common way to give your dog their daily dose of cannabidiol is by buying CBD-infused treats. These bites are made with flavours that dogs of all breeds and sizes love, such as meat, chicken and vegetables; and there is a wide variety of CBD concentrations to choose from. As always, it is important to do some research and get to know each company before ordering any product.

How Can I Make Sure I am Buying a Quality CBD Product for my Dog?

This can be answered with a single word: research. While there are many companies out there offering CBD products for dogs, only a few of them are able to produce the third-party laboratory tests that are needed to make an adequate evaluation of their products. Before purchasing any CBD treats or oils for your four-legged friend, make sure to learn about the different hemp origins, extraction methods and quality standards used by each company.

As a rule of thumb, the best CBD oil for pets is made from organic hemp plants grown under natural conditions and without the use of pesticides or chemicals. When it comes to their extraction method, CO2 techniques are to be preferred, as they are able to preserve the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally present in the hemp plant. Finally, third-party laboratory tests that are publicly available are a good sign, as they allow potential customers to know exactly what they are buying.

It is important to understand that the CBD market in the United States is becoming more competitive as cannabidiol-related laws are relaxed across the country. While this means there are more products available, it is also an opportunity for dubious companies to be established and use flashy marketing techniques that allure customers into buying substandard products.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

While it is true that CBD overdosing is practically impossible, making sure to give the right amount of cannabidiol to your pet is crucial to ensure that they enjoy its benefits and do not suffer any feelings of drowsiness or sleepiness. It is also important to know that there is no strict rule when it comes to dosage, but rather a set of guidelines that will help you decide which CBD product to buy and with which frequency to administer it.

As a rule of thumb, CBD oil for pets with around 150 milligrams of cannabidiol are ideal for small dogs of under 20 lbs, while 300 milligrams are enough for medium ones (20 lbs to 60 lbs) and 600 milligrams are the best for large canines weighting 60 lbs and more. The recommended regular dose is 0.25 milligrams per 1 lb of body weight.
Considering the amount of cannabidiol that each dropper contains, it is easy to calculate the recommended amount you should be giving to your four-legged friend. Typically, a drop contains anywhere between 0.5 and 1.5 milligrams of CBD, but this information is typically available both in the online description of the product and in any informative labels they might have.

If you live in the United States, you might be aware of the different legislative changes that have recently occurred in the world of CBD and other hemp-derived products. On a federal level, all cannabidiol products with THC concentrations below 0.3% can be legally produced, sold and consumed across the country. Products that comply with these regulations are in an entirely different category than cannabis, and therefore its consumption is not prohibited.
In other countries, it is always better to consult with the local authorities. While places like Canada and most of Western Europe have laws that are even more relaxed than those of the United States, there are still governments that impose restrictions on the production of cannabidiol products that have little or no psychoactive effects.

The Best CBD Oils for Dogs in 2020

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