CBD Oil For Cats

When your cat gets sick or is suffering from pain or emotional problems, it’s usually a distressing experience. Vet bills start piling up, and many traditional procedures and medications can be very invasive, which negatively impacts quality of life.

One natural alternative, which is increasingly popular at the moment, is CBD oil.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant, CBD is sourced from the hemp plant, a variety of cannabis that has very low concentrations of THC. CBD is non-psychoactive, So it’s entirely safe for use on both humans and animals.

Some of CBD’s benefits that can make it useful for cats are that it’s an excellent painkiller. It can be an anticonvulsant. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and it is also a great stress reliever that can be used for treating anxiety.

How Do I Give My Cat CBD?

Cats can be fussy and have a very different temperament from other pets like dogs. So what is the best method to get your cat to take CBD?

Like dogs, the best way to give your pet CBD is orally. With cats, you have two options, either in their mouth or mixed in with their food or water. CBD oil into the mouth with a dropper is the most effective way to control the dosage. But cats don’t generally like taking their medicine. So this can be difficult for some owners.

If your cat allows you to hold their head by the scruff of their neck, this is the best method. It doesn’t hurt them, and this is how mothers carry their young. You can insert the dropper into their mouth and squeeze the CBD right on the tongue.

The other option, which is much easier for most cat owners, is to mix the CBD into their food or water, measure the serving and sprinkle it in on their food or water before serving. The only difficulty with this is that unlike dogs, cats typically don’t finish their whole bowl of food or water in one sitting, so they may not get the full serving.

Not quite as easy as with dogs, but that’s cats for you!

CBD Oil For Stress and Anxiety

CBD oil might also help treat more acute conditions that can be caused by stressful situations such as when we move house, other common pet issues are distress caused by fireworks, or if we have guests over.

If these kinds of situations cause your cat stress or anxiety, then CBD oil can be used to treat it as it happens instead of giving it to them every day.

CBD Oil Saves On Vets Bills

The other reason you might want to try CBD is that in the long run, it can work out cheaper than medications from your vet, which can be very expensive.

For these types of medication, you would typically need to refill a prescription every two to three weeks. Whereas with CBD, you only need to use a few drops so it can potentially last two or three months, depending on how high the dosage is that you are giving your cat.

What Dosage Is Right For My Cat ?

If you decide that CBD is right for your cat, It’s crucial to be cautious with the dosage, particularly if your cat has previously had adverse reactions to medication. Since cats are typically much smaller than dogs, they can be more sensitive to CBD.

It’s always recommended starting with a smaller serving, working your way up until you find the best dosage for your pet.

CBD Oil for Cats

CBD can work wonders for some of our furry friends, but it’s not perfect for every pet.

Before giving your cat any supplement, always talk to your vet and ask whether it would negatively interact with any of their other medications. You can also ask your vet for advice on dosage and how best to give CBD to your cat.

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