CBD Oil For Sleep in 2021

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CBD oil is becoming very common these days; one claim about CBD is that it can help improve sleep. Sleep disorders can come in many forms, and in more extreme cases, can lead to chronic insomnia. Milder symptoms may be experienced occasionally at night when we have been watching TV on the couch, we feel tired, but when we go to bed find ourselves staring at the ceiling, we can’t fall asleep. Other people have sleep problems due to anxiety or feeling overwhelmed in their daily lives.

So if you still have trouble with sleeping after traditional methods like exercising more, cutting caffeine, or meditation techniques have failed to help, what medical studies are available to support the theory CBD oil could help you to sleep and regulate your sleep cycle better?

What Research Says About CBD Oil

Looking at the science, there’s now been a lot of research on CBD oil. Some studies show that CBD actually has a mildly stimulating effect. Other research indicates that the dose determines the effect and suggests that while low dose CBD promotes arousal, higher doses of CBD can increase total sleep time and decrease the number of nighttime wake-ups.

So, unfortunately, we currently only have mixed data on whether or not CBD oil is effective at managing sleep problems.

CBD Oil and the Nervous System

Pure CBD oil can cause a calming effect, specifically a diminishing response to the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps to promote parasympathetic activity, which occurs as blood pressure goes down, heart rate decreases, when your body’s getting ready to sleep. CBD products made with pure hemp oil are supposed to have little to no THC (less than 0.3 to 0.5%) so that you only experience the calming effects instead of the ‘high’ associated with the THC cannabinoid in marijuana

CBD Dosage

There are now doctors who specialize in CBD and marijuana in countries where legal, medical usage has been approved. They have a lot of experience in proper dosage from working with patients. Its always recommended that you check with a qualified doctor or health professional to help you with the dose adjustment for your bodyweight and take into consideration any underlying health issues.

CBD Side Effects

Whenever you are trying something new to promote health and well-being, even a natural supplement like CBD oil, there’s always a risk of side effects. It’s still important to know what you are putting in your body,

Although if you are taking a sleep agent like Ambien, a prescription sleep agent, CBD oil has fewer side effects associated with it. So that would be a reason to consider switching to CBD oil to help with sleep problems.

Can CBD Help You Sleep?

Many people who have trouble sleeping obviously wish that CBD oil claims helping with sleep are valid. But unfortunately, research doesn’t entirely support this. Some of the research shows that it makes you more alert, and some research indicates that it could make you more sleepy. There is so much variation from study to study more definitive research in this area is clearly needed.

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