Precision Greens CBD Oil Tinctures (750mg CBD) Review

By September 13, 2019CBD Product Review

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CBD tincture, containing over 79% alcohol are specifically made from High CBD strains which primarily reduce chronic pain and relieve anxiety.
With the excessively high rate of stress, anxiety, and other chronic pain in the body, CBD oil tincture from precision greens is the best solution to these problems.

Past users of precision greens CBD oil tinctures were satisfied with the company’s dedication to excellent quality delivery.
Their products contain properly selected and domestically grown hemp plants, with the standard 0.3% maximum THC limit by the US Governments.

CBD Product

Precision Greens CBD Oil Tincture

750mg ($79.99) – Buy Now

Taste and Scent

This CBD oil tincture does not contain artificial flavoring. Yet you can enjoy the yummy taste of organic olive oil.


Premium Hemp seed oil, Cannabinoid rich- full spectrum hemp extract.

Any THC in this Product

All precision greens CBD products contain a federal regulated THC level of maximum 0.3%, which makes then legal for consumption from across the United States.


Precision greens CBD oil tincture is available in a 30-milliliter per bottle or 16.7mg of CBD per ml. There’s also droppers for smooth administration.

At the back of the bottle is an informative label where information on product, ingredients, and usage directions are displayed.

Origin of CBD

Premium Hemp grown in the US combines CBD and MCT oil for more effectiveness.

How to Use

CBD oil is best consumed by sublingual administration. However, they also can be added to foods.


Precision greens products are shipped through the United States Postal Service. Orders are processed within 24-72 hours of business days. Each order has a tracking number available to customers to check order status on the USPS site.
Precision greens products are available in the US only.

Returns Policy

Customers who are totally unsatisfied with an order or those who receive damaged products should send an email to precision greens within 30 days of purchase. Refunds and replacements are typically processed within 72 hours(business days only).


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Value for the money

Precision greens CBD oil tincture is priced at $79.99 per 30-milliliter Bottle which is an affordable way to relieve anxiety, relax the body, prevent chronic body pain, and boost overall health.

CBD Extraction Process

CBD tinctures from precision greens use the CO2 extraction method which carefully preserves all-natural ingredient contained in hemp plants without using any artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals. This is to ensure that only the purest form of CBD is available to users. Precision Greens CBD oils are not synthetic or isolates but full-spectrum hemp extracts.


CBD oil tinctures from precision Greens balanced the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, and reduce chronic pains.

Precision Greens has received several positive reviews from happy customers, especially for their consistency in producing quality CBD products.

You can visit the Precision Greens website for more CBD related information or get in touch with their support for further inquiries.


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