CBD Oil for Alcoholism

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17.6 million Americans are thought to be dealing with some form of alcohol abuse. Worldwide that number rises to 240 million possible alcoholics. The Center for Disease Control or CDC attributes over 88,000 deaths each year in the USA to complications stemming from alcohol withdrawal.

CBD Oil, Can it Really Help?

Many people affected by alcohol abuse are now turning to CBD oil to break the cycle of addiction and its associated destructive behavior due to the properties of cannabidiol or CBD.

When it comes to treatment for alcohol addiction, one of the most common solutions is to be admitted to a rehab facility or enroll in a 12 step program or a similar scheme. In this environment, people can receive all levels of support both emotionally and medically to make the successful transition to an alcohol-free life.

However, due to financial, personal, or professional reasons, many people find these traditional options impractical, which can explain why CBD oil for alcoholism is fast gaining a reputation as an alternative approach.

Alcoholism and the Brain

To understand how CBD can be a useful tool for patients dealing with the effects of alcohol addiction or going through withdrawal, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how alcohol functions in the brain.

Alcohol addiction affects the reward structures within the brain. In healthy individuals or non-alcohol abusers, neurotransmission functions in the brain are responsible for sending signals that regulate self-care behavior. In other words, if we are unhappy or unsatisfied, these reward structures let us know that a behavioral change is probably in order.

In the case of alcohol abusers, these neurotransmission mechanisms are entirely bypassed due to the consumption of alcohol, and the brain’s reward structures are overridden. Alcohol provides the desired feelings of happiness and satisfaction with detrimental outcomes for personal health and well-being.

The Science of CBD

What’s interesting about all this research concerning CBD oil is that the brain’s reward structures are manipulated in large part by naturally occurring and cannabinoids in the body’s central nervous system.

Scientific research has established that consuming alcohol bypasses the human body’s natural mechanisms responsible for reward behavior by blocking cannabinoids from communicating with the brain’s reward structures.

Most worryingly, in the case of long term abusers, such as alcoholics, the presence of cannabinoids seems to disappear altogether.

The result of this is that addicts are unable to deal with obstacles in their daily lives caused by stress or anxiety because the natural functions of the brain that are supposed to deal with this are no longer working.

CBD for Alcoholism

Research has shown that CBD acts as a natural replenishment to the body’s depleted supply of cannabinoids.

In 2015, scientists identified CBD’s ability to function as a modulator for several of the neuron circuits that were previously being disrupted in the brains of patients after a period of long term addiction.

The evidence is mounting that CBD oil has the potential to be a ground-breaking form of therapy for people coping with the damage caused by alcohol addiction.

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