Cbd for Weight Loss Does it Really Work

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Cbd for Weight Loss Does it Really Work

You may be interested in how CBD oil may help you lose weight and how CBD oil can potentially support you on your weight loss journey.

CBD oil is the trending supplement in health and wellness. People are using it to treat anything from stomach ailments to anxiety up to cancer treatment. But besides all these other potential uses of CBD oil, there is also evidence available on how CBD oil may help you lose weight.

CBD Oil Science

To look at two specific studies, one on mice and another on humans. In 2011 researchers treated mice with CBD oil and found mice that were treated with CBD oil had a significant decrease in their body weight.

The rationale that the researchers gave was CBD can be useful for appetite suppression. These rodents were eating less because the CBD oil was acting as an antagonist to the CBD receptor, and it caused the mice to eat less. Therefore they lost weight.

But What About Humans?

While a conclusive human study has not been done yet, we can surmise that potentially the same effect would happen in humans. A lot of anecdotal data is available that CBD oil is an appetite suppressant. Marijuana and CBD oil are two completely different things; there are typically higher levels of THC in marijuana. THC often causes hunger, and that’s a pretty common understanding. There’s usually only trace amounts of THC in CBD, causing you to have less appetite. Therefore we can eat less and then lose weight.

CBD and Fat Cells

A second research study was carried out on humans in 2016, which looked at the activation of browning in white fat cells. The test group in this study were treated with CBD oil. There are two types of fat; white fat and that’s the fat that we hear about. For example, if you’ve got those love handles, this is white fat.

Brown fat is a different type of fat. The aim when we are dieting or following an exercise routine is to turn the white fat into brown fat. Brown fat is often termed as ‘good’ fat. Brown fat is what keeps you warm. It undergoes a very high level of thermogenesis, so it burns a lot of energy. Brown fat cells are often thought of when treating obesity because of how much energy they burn relative to size.

The more brown fat we have relative to white fat, the more energy we’re going to burn and the more weight loss we can expect. So even this 2016 trial wasn’t strictly a weight loss study. It was investigating how CBD oil reacted to white fat cells and if it could cause this browning effect, which it did.

So between these two studies on mice and humans, we can identify two different effects we’re looking at two separate processes: appetite suppression and white fat cells and the browning of the white fat cells.

Can CBD Help Support Weight Loss?

Most clinics are not currently recommending CBD oil for weight loss. The experts in this field are still undecided over using CBD oil to treat conditions such as obesity. More research is needed as currently, there is not enough information showing that CBD oil is going to be a weight loss aid. However, it seems like every month we’re reading new things about CBD oil and its effects even if for weight loss, we’re not quite there yet. But from the available data, it certainly looks promising.

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