Cannatrading Vanilla CBD Tincture (750mg-1500mg)

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Made from premium hemp plants grown in the United States, Cannatrading’s CBD Vanilla Tincture is a delicious way to consume your daily dose of cannabidiol. While raw hemp tinctures usually have a rather bitter and earthy taste, this CBD oil is infused with natural vanilla extracts which provide a sweet and silky flavor. Taking a couple of drops once or twice a day can reduce your stress levels and make you feel naturally relaxed and focused.

All Cannatrading products are made following the highest quality standards. As they contain negligible levels of THC, their consumption is legal across the entire territory in the United States. Furthermore, the results of third-party laboratory tests for all their tinctures and extracts are publicly available on their website.

CBD Product

Cannatrading Vanilla CBD Tincture

750mg ($59.97) – Buy Now

1500mg ($79.97) – Buy Now

Taste and Scent

This product contains a natural vanilla extract and organic MCT oil, which together provide a smooth and delicious vanilla flavor.


Hemp CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Vanilla Extract.

Any THC in this Product

All Cannatrading products contain THC levels below the 0.3% federal limit, making their consumption legal across the entire territory of the United States.


Cannatrading’s CBD Vanilla Tincture comes in a 30-milliliter bottle with a dropper for easier administration. An informative label in the back contains a list of ingredients, product information, and usage directions.

Origin of CBD

Premium US-Grown Hemp.

How to Use

Sublingual administration is the most effective way to consume this CBD oil. Shake the bottle for a few seconds, fill the dropper and empty it under your tongue. Hold the tincture for around one minute before swallowing the rest.


Cannatrading products are shipped using the United States Postal Service. All orders are sent within 1-3 business days and a tracking number allows customers to see their status through the USPS website. Cannatrading products are currently available only in the United States.

Returns Policy

Customers who are not entirely satisfied with their order or receive damaged products must contact Cannatrading via email within 30 days of their purchase. Refunds or replacements are processed within 3 business days.


Use the coupon code “SLYNG20” at checkout to get 20% off the total price of your order.

Value for the money

Priced between $0.06 and $0.08 per milligram of cannabidiol, Cannatrading’s CBD Vanilla Tincture is one of the best options for customers looking for premium, full-spectrum hemp oil at affordable prices.

CBD Extraction Process

This CBD tincture is extracted using a clean CO2 method that preserves all the natural components of the hemp plant without using any heat, harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients; this ensures that only the purest cannabidiol makes it to the final product. Cannatrading CBD oils are not isolates or synthetics but full-spectrum hemp extracts.


Cannatrading Vanilla CBD Tincture is a carefully manufactured cannabidiol extract that combines the widely known beneficial components of the hemp plant with a delicious vanilla flavor. Customers can choose between the 750mg and 1500mg presentations depending on the concentration they require. While individual purchases are great to test their products, users who subscribe for automatic monthly delivery can save 10% on the price of every order.

This company is praised by previous customers for its transparency and quality standards. The fact that everyone can see their laboratory tests allows users to make well-informed purchases knowing exactly which terpenes and cannabinoids they are getting. Cannatrading’s website contains hundreds of articles with information on every aspect of the CBD industry, as well as a live chat in case you have any additional questions.

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