Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil (1500 mg CBD) Review

By January 9, 2019CBD Product Review

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Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil Features:

  • It is 100% organic CBD-rich hemp oil
  • 1,500 mg = 50 mg/ml
  • It is packed in a 30ml / 1oz bottle
  • It is taken through the sublingual, can be vaped and even as an additive in cooking recipes
  • Medium-high potency in CBD concentration
  • Offers an entourage effect
  • THC free


CBD Oil 1,500 mg is non-psychoactive and is 100% from organic and natural hemp plants

Key potential benefits

  • Help in relieving stress and anxiety
  • Helps improve health and general wellness
  • Assists in reduction of pain
  • Helps in reducing inflammation thus fastens healing process
  • Helps in regulating the central nervous and immune system
  • It is a great antioxidant

Serving size for CBD Oil 1500mg

This depends on an individual’s tolerance to the drug. Consult a physician first if not sure. Otherwise, you can start with small dosages in mg quantities and increase if needed

It is recommended to try Cannabidiol Life Oil 250mg which is less concentrated

You could experiment with different amounts and give yourself approximately six years between dosages and see what works for you this is because the oils also range from 100mg-3000mg in concentration per 30ml/1oz bottle

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