Cannabidiol Life CBD Caramels (45mg) Review

By January 3, 2019CBD Product Review
CBD Caramels review

Cannabidiol Life CBD Caramels (45mg)








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Made with All-Natural, Gluten Free and Kosher ingredients, and infused with the highest-quality CBD extracted from 100% Industrial Hemp, Cannabidiol Life´s CBD Caramels contain all the beneficial properties of cannabidiol. Customers can choose between Golden Maple and Creamy Vanilla flavors, both of which come in small packs with three caramels.

Each of these CBD sweets contains 15 milligrams of CBD. As they do not have any traces of THC, their usage is both safe and legal across the United States. Taking one or two caramels per day can make you feel an overall sense of calm and relaxation while dealing with joint pains, sore muscles and other common ailments.

CBD Product

Cannabidiol Life CBD Caramels

Golden Maple – 45mg ($8.99) – Buy Now

Creamy Vanilla – 45mg ($8.99) – Buy Now

Taste and Scent

Customers can choose between Golden Maple and Creamy Vanilla Flavors. Both have a sweet and delicious taste.


Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream, Cane Sugar, Inverted Cane Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Butter, Molasses, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Oleo Hemp Extract.

Any THC in this Product

These CBD caramels do not contain any traces of THC.


Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Caramels come in resealable pouches printed with dosage recommendations, a list of ingredients and additional product information.

Origin of CBD

100% Organic Industrial Hemp

How to Use

Take 1-2 caramels per day.


Cannabidiol Life products are delivered to addresses within the United States. The company ships all items within 1-2 business days after the reception and acceptance of each order. Delivery is carried out by the United States Postal Service, and each pack can be tracked through USPS´s website.

Returns Policy

This company provides a 30-day money back guarantee for any product which seems to be faulty or arrives damaged to its destination. To apply for a full refund, customers must make sure that the product has not been opened, user or consumed.


Use the code “25cbd24hr” at checkout to get 25% off the total price of your order.

Value for the money

These CBD caramels are priced at $0.2 per milligram of cannabidiol. While this is higher than other CBD edibles, it is a good deal for beginners and users who want to try out their benefits before purchasing products with larger concentrations.

CBD Extraction Process

Cannabidiol Life uses a Supercritical CO2 extraction process which does not require any additives and uses more than 3,000 lbs. of pressure to extract all the beneficial components of the hemp plant without using heat or artificial ingredients.


With two delicious flavors to choose from and 15 milligrams of pure CBD, Cannabidiol Life´s CBD Caramels are among the most popular edibles on this company’s catalog. As they do not contain any THC, their usage does not cause any of the “high” sensation associated with marijuana. These caramels are perfect for beginners and users who do not require large daily doses of CBD.

Cannabidiol Life´s website contains a great amount of information regarding both the company’s products and informative articles on the CBD world in general. Anyone can access the “Our Reviews” section to watch short videos of testimonials from satisfied customers all over the U.S.

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