Can Pregnant Mommies Use CBD Without Risks?

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Pregnancy is a very critical period in a woman’s life. The idea of intaking marijuana can be frightening for those who are not aware of what effects it can do to the unborn baby. However, is pure CBD just as dangerous as THC during pregnancy?

We can’t deny the fact that marijuana has a lot of amazing medical purposes. Despite the stigma and misconceptions about this drug, it has proven to be quite potent in fighting illnesses like cancer and depression.

However, a lot of you might be concerned about whether or not CBD products harm a pregnant woman and her baby.

Marijuana has already been considered as a proven home remedy for pregnant women. It helps manage depression, pain, and even helps in countering nausea and mood swings. While it has been proven good for the mother, does it do the same for the baby?

The Endocannabinoid System

Our body is naturally designed to ingest cannabinoids. This naturally-occurring network of proteins and receptors maintains homeostasis within the human body. This system was named due to the cannabinoids contained in marijuana that lead to its birth. The Endocannabinoid system is the boss of your emotions. From feeling sad and happy to the amount of pain you feel from doing something stupid, these receptors have evolved to respond to the cannabinoids found in the human body and in marijuana. This means that Mary J is actually a very effective tool for body regulation, inflammation, and many more.

However, cannabis’ ability to affect the endocannabinoid system can also put the user into great risk since this biological network also plays a crucial role in a fetus’ development. To be more specific, it creates the necessary parts of the neonatal brain, such as neurons, and also builds brain pathways. A certain cannabinoid compound threatens to heighten this already existing issue.

So, What Are The Risks?

Like most common drug effects, specific cannabinoid compounds are a potential risk of destroying a fetus’ brain growth if the mother uses cannabinoid-infused products that contain THC. However, THC is just one of them. There are many other compounds, but THC is the one that ranks the top.

Research proves that THC can destroy the growth of neuronal networks and the mother can end up with a baby that has nervous system-related birth defects. Using THC during pregnancy can also lessen the possibility of being able to give birth to a healthy or living baby. It heightens the risk of a stillborn, and in some cases, an extremely premature baby.

Because of this, OB-gynes and healthcare providers are against THC usage and intake during pregnancy.

CBD – The Other Side Of The Coin

While THC can cause negative effects on the fetus, CBD is a whole new and different story. Hence, everyone has been debating, will CBD products be safe for use during pregnancy?

Unlike THC-infused products, CBD cannot get you high due to its non-psychoactive structure. CBD’s appeal is more friendly and purely medicinal as it can serve as a painkiller, reduce inflammation, fight morning sickness, and treat bipolar disorders.

It is also known to be effective against arthritis, epilepsy, and has been linked to fighting cancer-causing cells in the body.

Hence, this potent characteristic of CBD makes it the perfect natural alternative to synthetic drugs, especially for pregnant women.

The DO’s and Don’ts

For pregnant ladies, a safe method of ingesting CBD during delivery is to drink gel-like capsules that contain 100% pure CBD from hemp extracts. Other external methods include the usage of oil or lotions for the skin. These products are not only legal but they’re highly available even in states where marijuana is banned.

However, be careful and be on the lookout!

Products that are labeled as “CBD rich” tend to contain an equal amount of THC and CBD. As this article said earlier, women should avoid any product that contains traces of THC as it can harm the baby.

Also, smoking weed and inhaling products with potentially unsafe chemicals must be stopped and abstained from during your delivery. And yes, no more dabbing or any of those edibles that are pre-made or anything you didn’t make yourself. Similar to most drugs, the safest and most effective way for CBD to aid your body is in its purest, organic form most especially if you’re expecting a healthy baby.


So Is It 101% Safe To USE CBD During Pregnancy?

Nowadays, the use of CBD while you’re pregnant is still in debate. To answer this question honestly, there are yet a few more research studies that need to be done about CBD and pregnancy.

Still, a lot of people agree that as long as the CBD products do not contain THC, they can be considered as an ideal organic solution that can help relieve both the physical and mental pains of being pregnant.

While the state of marijuana-derived products is yet to be proven 101% safe, we can definitely believe that CBD has become extremely popular and accessible for many. Even pregnant women can expect a little assistance from marijuana itself.

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