BlueBird Botanicals HEMP COMPLETE

By October 20, 2017CBD Product Review

Bluebird Botanicals complete hemp tincture is a unique formula of different hemp extracts. Hemp complete tincture consists of raw forms of cannabinoids and decarboxylated in 1:1 to ratio. This mixture has water distilled hemp extracts that have adequate and significant levels terpenes which are the chemicals that smell.

Terpene blends with cannabinoids to promote effects of various elements and compounds known as entourage effect. Hemp complete tincture contains twenty-five various aromatic terpenes including different types of aldehydes and ketones.

Bluebird makes use of full-spectrum CO2 extract and the carbon dioxide hemp extract that has been emulsified into organic hemp seed oil.



How to consume Bluebird Botanicals complete hemp tincture

Bluebird Botanicals complete hemp tincture should be taken orally by placing the desired amount of CBD Complete Drops under your tongue and holding there for about 90 seconds before swallowing. The appropriate serving level of CBD full drops can differ greatly among persons, therefore it’s recommended to try with serving level to achieve the best one. The taste that is given by hemp-based CBD oil is usually quite bitter and earthy. The product is however very easy to swallow unlike the raw form because they’ve been decarboxylated. Hemp Completes blend tastes. The normal service should be 15 drops. This may still be different because it depends on metabolism. If you are pregnant or a lactating, you should not use Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil.


This product comes 1oz and 2oz bottles and a syringe for easy dosage control. It also comes in golden brown color with a smell like another CBD oils. Decarboxylated carbon shows that carbon atom has been extracted from the carbon chain after the oil has been heated up. A decarboxylated form of oil is known to be suitable for our body’s natural CBD receptors. It is also known as Active CBD as it easily and readily absorbed by the body’s endocannabinoid system.



  • The reason Bluebird Botanicals is different from others in the market is it can be looked up third-party testing results for each product.
  • Bluebird utilizes biodegradable corn starch peanuts for purposes of packing material and pure 100% recycled paper for receipts.
  • The concentration is approximately HC: 500+mg Cannabinoids, approximately 4.2mg per serving or CB: 250+mg Cannabinoids.


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