Biolief 600mg CBD Tincture (30ml) Review

By August 2, 2017CBD Product Review

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While Hemp Oil can be consumed in a number of different ways, few varieties are as effective and immediate as sublingual drops. Biolief has developed a CBD Tincture extracted from domestically grown industrial hemp. This product is ideal for those who need an effective and natural remedy for chronic pain, seizures, anxiety attacks or other health issues. Biolief CBD Tincture is a full spectrum product free of microbes, herbicides, metals and pesticides.

With a light taste and 21.5 mg of cannabidiol extract in each full dropper, this sublingual tincture is directly absorbed into the blood stream and its benefits can be felt within minutes. The patented extraction method of this product ensures THC levels way below the federal limit of .3%, All hemp used by Biolief comes from certified organic farms within the United States.

CBD Product

Biolief 600mg / 30ml CBD Tincture.

1 Bottle ($99.00)

Taste and Scent

Biolief 600mg / 30ml CBD Tincture has a light, oily taste.


MCT oil, Cannabidiol extract from 100% organic industrial hemp.

Any THC in this Product

The THC levels of this product are negligible and fall way below the federal THC limit of .3%.


Biolief 600mg / 30ml CBD Tincture arrives in individual bottles with screw on droppers. Labels are clearly printed and easy to read.

Origin of CBD

Pure, organically-grown hemp.

How to Use

This product is to be administered sublingually.


Biolief uses DHL, USPS and UPS for shipments. All orders are sent within 48-72 business hours of their placement. A delivery time of 5 days is estimated, which is however subject to the carrier and the destination address. Once an order is processed, Biolief will send you an email with a tracking link which can be used to follow the product online.

Returns Policy

Biolief provides a 14-day return policy. All products must be returned unopened and in a resalable condition. All returns are subject to a 20% fee to cover restocking, handling and administrative costs.

Value for the money

At $99.00, Biolief 600mg / 30ml CBD Tincture might seem a bit expensive when compared to other presentations of CBD hemp oil. However, this is a concentrated product that delivers 21.5mg of pure cannabidiol per serving. For a sublingual tincture that provides almost immediate effects, this is a good value for money.

CBD Extraction Process

Only water and pressure are used during the hemp oil extraction process. This results in a pure, full spectrum product without herbicides, metals, pesticides or harmful chemicals.


Biolief 600mg / 30ml CBD Tincture is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiols. As the hemp oil reaches the capillaries beneath the tongue, it is quickly diffused into the blood stream, providing almost immediate effects and pain relief to consumers. Combining a careful selection of industrial hemp and a patented extraction method, Biolief products yield a 5.5-fold bioavailability over those from competing pharmaceuticals. All hemp extracts come from organic farms within the US and comply with federal regulations for their domestic and international distribution.

Biolief’s website contains a FAQ section where you can find information regarding recommended dosage, shipping, refunds policy and additional product details. Click on the “Need Help” button to visit the contact page in case you have any further questions.

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