Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder Review

By August 8, 2017CBD Product Review
apex protein powder

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With over 775 mg of CBD per lb., Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder is a nutritional supplement produced exclusively with organically grown hemp. It provides valuable nutrients and vitamins that energize the body and promote a state of general well-being. With an innovative extraction technique that does not involve the use of any fillers or preservatives, this is a natural product that can be used in any of your favorite recipes.

The Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder is a perfect source of Iron, Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and CBD. The hemp used to produce this CBD Protein Powder is NON-GMO and comes from a certified organic farm in the state of Oregon. This results in a great tasting product that has natural anti-inflammatory properties and provides a sense of calm and relaxation.

This protein powder is vegan, allergen free and gluten free.

CBD Product

Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder. 8oz ($25.00)

1lb ($45.00).

Taste and Scent

Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder is extracted without using any fillers or preservatives, maintaining the most delicious natural tasting hemp flavour.


Partially de-fatted organic hemp seeds.

Any THC in this Product

This is a THC-free protein powder.


Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder arrives in 8oz or 1lb bags. The packaging in both presentations contains product information, nutrition facts and serving suggestions.

Origin of CBD

Pure, organically-grown hemp.

How to Use

This protein powder can be added to any meal or drink and it is optimal to be brewed with coffee or mixed with tea.


Apex CBD provides Worldwide Shipping. The Standard First Class service costs $10.00. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase.

Returns Policy

Any product that arrives broken or otherwise damaged is replaced.


Order 1-5 of each month and take 20% off by using the coupon code “hemp” directly through Apex CBD’s website.

Value for the money

At $25.00 for 387mg, Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder is a bit above the market price for CBD protein powder. However, considering the natural extraction process and the quality of the product, it offers a great value for money, which is even better when buying the 775mg bag for only $45.00.

CBD Extraction Process

Apex utilizes a proprietary extraction process that preserves all nutrients intact and is free of fillers and additives. This results in a pure product with a high nutritional value and no solvents or pesticides. Apex goes above the industry standard to ensure a toxin-free product by testing solvents and pesticides at parts per billion instead of parts per million.


Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder is a high-quality product that adapts even to the most restrictive diets. It provides a great variety of vital nutrients while having a delicious taste. Unlike other CBD products, the Apex CBD Hemp Protein Powder can be added to almost any meal or drink, making it one of the most versatile ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiols. All Apex products are third party tested, with the certificates of analysis, lab reports and organic certifications available online.

This protein powder is produced with organically grown hemp from a certified farm in the state of Oregon. It is an allergen free product that contains no traces of soy or gluten.

At Apex’s website you can find lab tests and additional product information, as well as contact details in case you have any questions.

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